6 Health Benefits Of Green Tea


The majority of the individuals across the globe are in the habit of drinking tea as a form of beverage. In fact, while 70% of the folks consume black tea, the remaining drink green tea. It has been found by research that the consumption of green tea has multiple health benefits and therefore it is an important component of almost every kitchen in urban locations. People of different age groups have accepted green tea as the staple beverage in their daily diet. In the subsequent paragraphs, we are going to mention the top 6 health benefits of green tea.


1. Promotes Healthy Heart

Green tea, as well as the extracts of its leaves, are rich in Flavonoid which helps to minimize the dangers of heart disease while maintaining the cholesterol levels. Apart from this, consumption of green tea regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and glucose. It also lessens the oxidative stress and other related signalling pathways within the blood vessel cells. As a matter of fact, studies have confirmed that the risk of heart attack minimizes by as much as 11% with the consumption of at least 3 cups of tea every day.


2. Encourages Healthy Skin

The consumption of green tea is linked with the development of healthy skin. It is anti-ageing and its revitalizing benefits are huge. It also aids in the regeneration of the inflamed skin cells while minimizing the wrinkles, redness, and sunburns. It will be prudent to add a bit of honey and lemon in green tea which helps to enhance the taste such that you will be encouraged to drink it several times in a single day.


3. Helps In Weight Reduction

Green tea is extremely effective for losing weight since it helps to suppress the cravings and thus boost the fat burning procedure. Apart from this, it enhances digestion, lowers water retention, improves the vitality levels and also enhances the metabolic process. Consumption of at least 2 cups of green tea will be a smart idea to minimize weight without any unwanted side effects.


4. Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Another important advantage of drinking green tea is that it helps to control blood sugar level. The presence of polyphenols in the green tea extract is able to minimize the amount of amylase which is produced within our system. Amylase is actually an enzyme that aids in the conversion of starch into sugar. Thus, consumption of green tea on a regular basis will prevent you suffering from diabetes.


5. Helps In Detoxification

Besides being a refreshing beverage, green tea also helps to detoxify our system. Because of this natural cleansing as well as diuretic properties, green tea helps in getting rid of a huge amount of toxin from our body.


6. Prevents Cancer

Polyphenol, which happens to be a powerful antioxidant, is present in green tea and it prevents the development of malignant cells within our system. They reduce any information and also inhibit the development of carcinogenic cells. It has been observed that drinking green tea will prevent the growth of cancer in the lungs, breasts, prostate, pancreas, skin and other areas of our body.



Thus it is evident from the above-mentioned facts that green tea is beneficial for our health in many ways. In case you have not started consuming this tea, it is time for you to do so. Make it a habit and you’ll soon be able to realize its wonderful health benefits.


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