Are There Ways To Want More Sex?


You and your partner might want varying amounts of sex at various times. However, that does not mean that you cannot have a great sex. There is an innovative, practical and friendly attitude towards all things regarding passion. Interestingly, there is a new way to look at desire and the incongruity, which may happen in between couples. Therefore, it is both changeable and nobody’s fault at all. One of the major concepts is that of the sexual brakes and accelerators or the things that increase the desire. As well as the things, that halt it in its own tracks. Read on to this article and learn more about some ways to want more sex.

Low Sexual Desire…

By definition, low desire or low libido is a relationship issue. The partner who have low libido is the one that wants sex too rarely for the other partner’s satisfaction. It isn’t that one person’s desire for sex is integrally very low or the other’s is very high. They are just so different –at least, in the existing context. This particular differential in the sexual desire is actually the single most common among all sexual dysfunction. However, it is not the differential itself that may cause the issue. It is actually how the couple manages it.

If the lack of interest or low sexual desire lasts or returns and may cause some personal distress, you might have a condition that they call, HSDD or hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Nevertheless, you don’t need to meet this particular medical condition just to seek some help.

If you really want to have sex less often than your partner does, neither one of you is significantly outside the norm for those at that particular stage of your life. This is even though your own differences might cause some distress.

Correspondingly, even when your sex drive is weaker than it was, your own relationship might be much stronger than ever. The bottom line in here is that, there is really no magic number that defines the low sex drive. It just vary from a person to another.

The signs of low sexual desire include:

  • Being so concerned by the lack of sexual fantasies and activities.
  • Only seldom or never having of sexual thoughts and fantasies.
  • Have no interests in whatever type of sexual activities, just like masturbation.

Reasons for Low Sexual Desire

Here are the main reasons why the low sexual drive happen:


The biological aspects of the libido is so much on the hormonal control. In fact, the progesterone and estrogen of female play an important role. Not only that, the imbalance of these may have a noteworthy effects on the libido. The disruption may occur with any changes that may happen in the hormones.

Anxiety and Stress

It’s so easy to appreciate that when you’re feeling so stressful, or down, jumping into the bed will not be a priority. Low level of anxiety, hectic family life, and job stress may all affect the libido in a woman, specifically as they come with the feeling of fatigue with no physical or mental energy for a thing. This includes the enjoyable things.

Physical Causes

Just as the fairly expected hormonal and psychological causes of low libido in men and women, it may also happen a bit unexpected for some. For instance, libido may get affected ominously as a result of a medication. The libido might get lower as well when certain medical conditions like thyroid diseases occur.

Ways to Want More Sex

Here are some ways to want more sex:

Connect it to your own identity.

Do not just run from it. Do not just have sex –be a deliciously erotic woman who’s curious and playful about having sex. If you are going to run because you have to or you feel like it, instead of doing it because of who you are, you will not run so far or so often. Furthermore, you will probably not enjoy it that much. Moreover, if you have sex because you need to or feel like you’re supposed to, you will not have much sex. You need to try and connect sex to your own identity.

Anticipate the barriers.

Many people skip this particular step –and this is a huge mistake. It is so easy to feel that simply having a plan is already enough. Well, I actually don’t know if it is supposed to be that way. However, what I know is that, it is almost never that way. This is mainly because, as soon as you thump into an unforeseen barrier, your entire plan might collapse on its own.

Make a plan.

Be specific and concrete, not vague and abstract. What specifically will you do that may help you in turning off the brakes? What are the past experiences that you have that tell you that your strategy might work? Simply put, what sex is worth partaking, as well as what will you do in creating it in your life? Detailed, specific, and concrete.


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