The Most Astounding Health Benefits Of Crabs


Crab is a popular seafood, we know that so well. Many restaurants all over the world serve this seafood in their plates with very high prices. No wonder that it is hailed as one of the most sought-after seafood in the world. But aside from that, crab is also a home to so many health benefits. The health benefits of crabs are all astounding. They are all for the betterment of the health. If you want to know these and more, feel free to give this article a read.

What are Crabs?

In a scientific manner, crabs are crustaceans from intraorder known as Brachyura and have two claws and a hard exoskeleton. Furthermore, there is an incredible distinction in the kinds of crabs living on land as well as those that are on the water. However, the Portunus trituberculatus are the types that often end up on our plate. This is since there are about 300,000 tones of this type of crabs that are caught each and every year. In fact, it represents about 20% of all the crabs that are consumed and caught all over the world.

Crab is one of the most common sea creatures that are widely available in the sea. Even though there are a lot of varieties of crabs in the whole world, there is just a handful of types that are edible and are chased as real food sources. Furthermore, even littler that are being raised in various crab hatcheries for a more precise cultivation.

The exoskeleton of the crab must be separated and broken first to be able to get the healthful meat beneath it. Moreover, in some of the larger species of crabs, the quantity of the meat inside can be a surprise for you. The crab meat is usually found on various menus in many restaurants all over the world. However, it is more than just a delicious food. The crab meat is very rich in essential nutrients, minerals, and fats that the body requires functioning in a normal way.

Nutritional Facts of  Crabs

Based on various researches done with a hundred grams of crab meat. As we know, the body of the crabs that are consumed is about 45%. Even though it’s just a small part to consume, it contains high levels of nutrients. The nutrients in crab comprise of:

Nutrient Amount
Vitamin 0 milligrams
Vitamin B1 0.05 milligrams
Vitamin A 200 IU
Iron 1 milligram
Phosphorus 250 grams
Calcium 210 grams
Carbohydrates 14.1 grams
Fat 3.8 grams
Protein 13.8 grams
Energy 151 KCal

Aside from that, crabs also have trivial amount benefit substances for our well-being. In fact, it has vitamin B12, saturated fat, zinc, copper, selenium, as well as omega-3 fatty acid. All of these nutrients are what makes the health benefits of crabs.

Health Benefits of Crabs

Here are some of the most astounding health benefits of crabs:

  • Helps increase blood circulation: the copper content of the crabs are important for the betterment of the important functions of the body organs. In fact, copper is essential in increasing the blood circulation.
  • Helps in detoxifying the body: the phosphorus levels in crabs are beneficial for the improvement of the kidney functions. This helps in speeding up the release of toxins from the body and beneficial for the improvement of the overall metabolic productivity.
  • Helps in boosting the immune system: the selenium content of the crabs are beneficial in stimulating the activity of the immune system. Furthermore, it also acts as an antioxidant that can neutralize and seek out the free radicals, which may cause various conditions.
  • Helps in eliminating inflammation: there are various minerals as well as nutrients that may help in reducing inflammation all over the body. These include selenium, copper, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. These are all found in the crab meat. Those who suffer from gout, arthritis or even gastrointestinal inflammation can be helped with crabs.
  • Helps in protecting the heart: the high omega-3 fatty acids in crabs are beneficial for the better protection of the heart health. Furthermore, it can also help in reducing the blood pressure levels, lower the strain on the heart, and avert the development of atherosclerosis. This may reduce the risk of heart attack as well as stroke.
  • Helps boost the mental activity: there are lots of nutrients in crabs that are essential for the mental health. All of the essential vitamins and minerals in this seafood is good for giving a boost to the mental activity. This is one of the best health benefits of crabs.

Cautions on Eating Crabs

The benefits of eating crabs are so many. However, it is still significant to think of that crabs has great levels of cholesterol and sodium. For those who suffer from cardiovascular illnesses or high cholesterol levels, adding crab in the diet regularly may cause harm. Speaking to your doctor about your condition first is a must.


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