Benefits of Banana Peel: Is It Really Beneficial?


Banana peel isn’t just a protection for the main fruit. Quite weird to read isn’t it? However, in fact, it is not! This is perhaps one of the most common fruits that are found in India and that is perhaps why we do not really appreciate it that much. However, before you throw your banana peel into the trash bins, read this article first. Here, you’ll know that the benefits of banana peel are also good for you.

Banana peel is very rich in many carbohydrates and nutrients. It has a high content of vitamin B12, B6, potassium, and magnesium. Its sugar content is at the highest as well when its color becomes black.

Nutrients in Banana Peels

The banana peels are very rich in potassium and have more insoluble and soluble fiber than its flesh. The dietary fiber promotes better digestion of foods and the proper bowel movement. Furthermore, it can also help in lowering the blood cholesterol levels.

Banana peels also contain tryptophan, a certain substance which increases the serotonin levels in the body and has an effect on the mood. According to some studies, they find banana peels to be beneficial in easing depression because of its effect on serotonin, Serotonin, is actually a neurotransmitter in the brain which is responsible in balancing the moods and emotions.

Moreover, some found that by eating two banana peels a day for three days, there’ll be an increase in the blood serotonin levels by about 16%. Likewise, banana peel has lutein, a potent antioxidant which helps in protecting the eye from free radicals and some harmful frequencies of radiation from UV rays.

Can banana peels it really be eaten?

The answer to that question is obviously yes. You can eat the skin of banana raw or cooked. If you eat the banana peel when the fruit is ripe, it’ll be much sweeter and much easier to chew. Some prefer to boil the peel for about ten minutes or so before consuming it. Furthermore, you can also put it into a juicer or blender and blend it with some other fruits. However, if you want to really consume the banana peel, clean it thoroughly.

Benefits of Banana Peel

Here are some of the benefits of banana peel:

Helps treat psoriasis. In the area that is affected by psoriasis, you can apply banana peels. The banana peel helps in treating it because of its moisturizing properties and also, it reduces the itchiness. And, with no time, you’ll be able to see noticeable results to it.

UV protection. The banana peel helps in protecting the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the risk of cataracts.

Reduces wrinkles. The banana peel helps in hydrating the skin and hence reducing the appearance of wrinkles and some other signs of aging. You just need to add an egg yolk to your mashed banana peel and apply it to your face.

Treats bug bites. If you are being bitten by bugs or insects, you can use the banana peels to heal it. You just need to massage the peel on it. This will not just relieve the skin from itching, but it will also give relief from pain.

Help cure pimples. To cure pimples on the face, you can use banana peel as your facial scrub. You just need to massage the peel into your face and body for five minutes daily.

Edible. As stated earlier, you can eat the peel of bananas. If you are hungry and looking for something new to try, you can eat it. In fact, there are Indian recipes that incorporate banana peels into their foods.

Helps in removing warts. The banana peels when used may remove warts and eliminate the occurrence of new ones.

Makes teeth look sparkling. If you use the banana peel on your teeth for a week, you’ll be having much whiter teeth. You can do this by rubbing the peel into your teeth regularly.

Some Important Tips about Banana Peel

– These may sound funny but still, don’t throw banana peels on the road or in public places. You must use bins or you can save them for better purposes.

– Avoid storing bananas in the refrigerator.


– Always use fresh banana peels to gain best results.

– Store bananas in cool, dry places.

– Keep bananas away from sunlight or direct heat.

– Avoid keeping bananas unpeeled for long. You must consume it immediately after peeling. Same goes for the peel, consume it while it’s fresh.


Banana peels are really good, isn’t it? Its effects on some parts of the body are extremely amazing. Furthermore, the benefits of banana peel are surprising as well. So now, we hope that you learn a lot about banana peels. We hope that the next time you eat a banana, you’ll not dispose its peel. Instead, you eat them.


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