Benefits Of Washing Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar also is known as cider vinegar is a type of vinegar made up from apple or cider. It is high in Acetic Acid, which has potent biological effects. These can be used in curing variety of ailments. One of the best remedies it provides is in terms of hairs. It greatly helps in treating the damaged hairs. Apple cider vinegar for hair health and treatment can be used for removing dandruff, getting shiny and soft hair. It increases growth and prevents hair fall. It also kills the bacteria and makes hair healthy and clean. It can be used in treating the variety of hair and skin problems. It can be mixed with the variety of other products to provide with the best outcomes. The use of vinegar for hair is as follows:

Apple cider vinegar for shiny hair:

Vinegar is the best natural product to restore the shine of the hair. Here are the basic steps to make hair shiny using it. The following recipe will help in adding shine to the hairs naturally and give them a radiant look.

1. Take a bowl and fill it half with vinegar.

2. Mix 5 spoons of olive oil and water to fill the bowl.

3. Now wet your hair with this solution and leave it for 10 minutes.

4. Using warm water wash your hairs thoroughly.

5. Repeat it once a week.

Vinegar for soft and silky hair:

Use of apple cider vinegar is considered to be the best to get silky soft hair. To make this remedy more effective one can add honey to vinegar and then use it for washing hair. This natural home recipe will give the same conditioning effects which many of the conditioner products offer.

1. Fill the quarter of a bowl with vinegar.

2. Now fill the next quarter with water.

3. Add 10 spoons of honey to it.

4. Stir the mixture for one minute.

5. Apply it all over the hair and let it stay for 20 minutes.

6. Now using warm water wash your hair properly.

Clean your scalp with apple cider vinegar:

It can be used as the best agent for clearing dandruff and dirt from your scalp. The cleansing and acidic properties in apple cider vinegar will clear the flakes, leaving behind a healthy scalp. This recipe uses the lemon to add an extra flavour of benefit to get dandruff free hairs.

1. Add one lemon juice to a half bowl of vinegar.

2. Spread it all over the hair.

3. Give a 5-minute massage.

4. Now use cold water to wash hairs thoroughly.

Get rid of itchy scalp:

Vinegar has antiseptic properties that can help in getting rid of fungus, bacteria and dandruff which are responsible for itching. To use this to reduce the itching, add vinegar and water in 1:1 ratio and then use it for rinsing hair. This will kill the itching agents and bacteria.

Vinegar to prevent hair fall:

It helps in supplying a good amount of blood to hair. The more blood flow means more nutrients supplied to the hair follicles. It also helps to maintain the pH level of the scalp that makes hair healthy and strong. Its healing power will help you to get rid of hair fall problem. One can add the egg to this recipe to get more positive results.

1. Take two eggs and add the white portion of egg in a bowl.

2. Now add half cup vinegar and a quarter cup of water.

3. Mix it well, and apply it all over the hair.

4. Massage it for about 2 minutes.

5. Using a shampoo thoroughly rinse hair to remove the egg and vinegar smell.


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