Best Natural Remedies for Pink Eye


Pink eye is often referred to as an uncomfortable and a horrible infection. However, did you know that the ½ of all the pink eye cases clear up without any medication in just ten days? This is because there are different types of pink eye. Having said, some other types of pink eye can be serious and needs some serious treatments too. When it comes to treating pink eye, there are various methods –one of which is the natural way. Natural remedies for pink eye is essential for those who don’t want chemicals.

Pink Eye: Define

Often referred to as conjunctivitis, pink eye is a condition wherein the eye suddenly becomes red. Furthermore, it can also cause itching, swelling, tearing, and appearance of a thick and whitish drainage. This is common because of various types of bacteria. Additionally, it is transmittable and can spread from a person to another easily.

Pink eye that is caused by some bacterial infection usually clears up in a ten day period even without treatment. Furthermore, it usually takes two to four weeks to get rid of pink eye. During this period, the eyes are tender and swollen, plus the eyelids may itch or burn.

The most common reason why pink eye occurs is viral conjunctivitis –it doesn’t commonly require treatments. Furthermore, second of the most common cause is bacterial conjunctivitis. Additionally, uncomplicated cases of pink eye typically resolve with the proper prescription of some antibiotics.

Pink Eye: Symptoms

The symptoms of pink eye begin to appear when the conjunctiva’s small blood vessels suddenly inflame. This inflammation causes the white of the eyes to appear red or pink in color. It can be a result of some various issues: bacteria, viruses, allergies, irritation, or some sort of STD like gonorrhea and chlamydia.

When certain bacteria goes into the eye or any area around the eye, the bacterial pink eye may develop. The infection shouldn’t just be ignored because it usually lasts for 2-4 days when treated with antibiotics. And 7-10 days if not treated with antibiotics.

Here are some of the symptoms of the bacterial pink eye:

-Inflammation of the upper eyelid, that makes the lid appear exhausted

-White or yellow-green drainage or discharge from the eye that can cause the eyelashes to stick together and form the crust during night time

-Slight pain and discomfort in the conjunctiva

-A scorching feeling in the eyes


-Redness or Pinkness in the white of the eyes

6 Best Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Here are six of the best natural remedies for pink eye. Some of which you can find in the comfort of your home so you don’t need to worry. Furthermore, these are all inexpensive that’s why your budget will not sacrifice.

Colloidal Silver –its prompt action in fighting pink eye infection is one of the benefits of colloidal silver. When this is applied to the eyes, the small bits of silver colloids collects the infected cells by electromagnetically attracting them.

Neem Oil –it helps in relieving irritated skin because of its gentle and soothing properties. Furthermore, it also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components which help in relieving conjunctivitis symptoms.

Turmericit has healing compounds which help in reducing inflammation. Additionally, it also contains antibacterial properties plus when used topically, it can help in relieving pink eye.

Aloe Vera Gelit contains emodin and aloin which both has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Furthermore, it also has anti-inflammatory properties which may help in speeding up the healing of pink eye.

Green Teait has a bioflavonoid which helps in relieving irritation and inflammation that may be because of pink eye while it is fighting viral and bacterial infections.

Tulsi –or holy basil is popular because of its healing process. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in protecting the eye from free radicals or environmental damages.

Pink Eye: Prevention

Pink Eye can be transmitted, that’s why it is important that you should be careful when dealing with some people. Here are some tips on how you can prevent the spread of pink eye:

-Make sure to wash your hands when you wipe your eyes. This is because when you rub your fingers unto your eyes (itching is one of the most common effects of pink eye), you might transmit the disease to other people.

-You shouldn’t wear contact lenses when you are suffering from pink eye. It can harm your eyes.

-Wash pillows, linens, towels, and washcloths after you use them. Additionally, do not let others use it.

-Avoid sharing eye makeup. It’s best to dispose of all the makeup products you use while having pink eye. This will prevent pink eye from occurring again.

-Avoid using warm or cold compress more than once, and make sure to use different compress every day.


Pink eye is a condition you shouldn’t ignore. Even though it is just simple, it can be serious at times. Moreover, when it gets serious, you also need a serious treatment. You need to consult your doctor if symptoms persist. If you are not okay in using chemicals in getting rid of pink eye, then try a natural way. The natural remedies for pink eye are not only safe, it is also proven effective in faster relief for pink eye.


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