Bleeding During Sex: What Are The Possible Reasons For It?


You are having a pleasurable time doing your passionate act with your partner and then suddenly you saw some spots of blood on the bed. This could stop the enjoyment. Are you menstruating? Did you have a cut or something? If not, then why are you bleeding? Bleeding during sex can be both unnerving and unexpected at the same time. However, there is some reason why this could be happening. Give this article a read and get to learn more about the vaginal bleeding during a sexual intercourse.

Bleeding during Sex…

Bleeding during sexual intercourse is actually so common as a complaint. In the massive mainstream of cases, the bleeding is actually nothing serious. It has the tendency to go away on its own. However, it is actually something that ‘s worth relying on to your doctor because some rare conditions may present in that particular way. Most of the cases of the vaginal bleeding during or after a sexual intercourse happen from any of the three sources:

  • First, if you’re near your menstrual period, then the bleeding from your uterus, which shows up during the sexual intercourse is most probably the source of blood. If you happen to experience trauma on the vaginal walls, it could be a source of the bleeding.
  • Second and the most often to happen –the penetration takes place with no sufficient lubrication. This particular type of bleeding is so painful.
  • Lastly, the bleeding from the cervix due to the superficial broken blood vessels, which is a common bleeding cause. This particular type of bleeding typically does not mean so much. If you haven’t had a PAP smear before, it might be an indication of cervical cancer.

There are actually a lot of reasons on why bleeding during sex happens. This includes the following facts we are going to discuss. Continue reading on to this article to get enlightenment.

Reasons for Bleeding during Sex

Here are some of the most common reasons why you are bleeding during sex:

  • You have cancer.

The postcoital bleeding may be an indication that you have a uterine, cervical, or vaginal cancer. Furthermore, this is in no way the first reason the mind must jump on to when you notice a small amount of blood on the bed while having sex. However, this could be a potential cause. Therefore, if bleeding during a sexual intercourse happens often, do and consult your doctor to make sure.

  • You have cervical dysplasia.

This particular condition is what doctors often call a the precancerous changes on the cells in the cervix. Take note, this is not cancer, yet may be an indication that there could be a chance of you getting cervical cancer in the future. One way to indicate you already have these abnormal cells in you is having postcoital bleeding.

  • You have endometriosis.

This is a condition in which the uterus lining grows outside the uterus. This is actually problematic since these cells act like some kind of endometrial cells, which cause all kinds of unpleasant, severe pain. When these endometrial cells jump ship or attach to the vagina or cervis, they may cause bleeding during sex.

  • Low estrogen.

The low estrogen may cause a lot of emotional and physical challenges –one is bleeding during sexual intercourse. This actually occurs as the estrogen helps in keeping the vaginal walls strong and thick. The low estrogen levels may result in much thinner vaginal walls that may result in infection or inflammation. This may, in turn, result in vaginal bleeding during sexual intercourse.

  • A benign growth.

You may get some benign polyps on the uterus and cervix. These may cause bleeding during sex, as they are fragile things, which bleed when moved. The polyps may go away on their own, yet they must be removed sometimes via surgery. Good thing is, this surgery is painless and easy in most of the cases.

  • You have Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Some of the STDs have side effects of possible vaginal bleeding after sex, together with a lot more symptoms. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are bacterial infections, which may affect the cervix. This may cause bleeding and some other unpleasant side effects, just like burning, itching, pelvic pain, and changes on the vaginal discharge. If you happen to have these infections, you may get antibiotics to get treated –that must get rid of the bleeding.

  • You have cervicitis or vaginitis.

These are so stressful of conditions. Vaginitis is the inflammation or the infection of the vagina. On the other hand, cervicitis is the inflammation or the infection of the cervix. This may cause some changes in the vaginal discharge, pain, and itching. This may also cause some changes in the vaginal discharge and bleeding.

  • You are on your period.

This can be an obvious reason for bleeding. It might possibly be the start of your period –that’s why the bleeding is not expected at all. It may also be a bit after your period. When you already thought you were already done, yet you aren’t done yet.


It is so important to remember that if you happen to experience vaginal bleeding during sex, you must not just ignore it. An unexpected bleeding in whatever part of the body must never be ignored. This is no different when it comes to the vaginal bleeding.


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