How To Make Love If You Cannot Orgasm On Antidepressants?


There is already, an imbalanced excess of the stigma surrounding the female mental health and sexuality. Therefore, stressing to deal with how one upsets the other may feel like too much to bear. Further, women who take some antidepressants are probable to experience struggle in reaching orgasm. Not only that, but they may also experience low self-esteem in the bedroom, reduced vaginal lubrication, and low sexual arousal. In the actual fact, antidepressants prove beneficial for a lot of women in helping them to cope up with mental illnesses like bulimia, anxiety, and depression. However, they need not be a death for the libido. In this article, we are going to discuss how to approach sex if you cannot orgasm on antidepressants. Read on to learn more about it!

How To Make Love If You Cannot Orgasm On Antidepressants?

Even though communication is a sex educator’s calling card, it is always enormously important. Being honest about your own condition, as well as the medication you are taking to treat and control it is so important in helping you enjoy sexual pleasure and intimacy. Moreover, if your partner knows that there is a reason on why you might struggle in reaching orgasm, do not feel like having sex or do not become aroused, it ’ll help them to understand why this is happening. It may open up the conversation on the ways in which you may enjoy the intimacy together and discover what really works for you and your partner.

It is just fine if you may not feel you want to or have to disclose your own mental health issues to every sexual partner. However, if you’re in a relationship where you really care about each other and want to delight in sex as much as possible, it is worth being open about whatever concerns or problems you have. It is sadly no good waiting for someone else in order to figure it all out.

Having a diagnosis about depression may be life changing for a particular person, yet it may even be more confusing for their own partner as they might not understand what’s really happening or why their other half is feeling this way. Furthermore, a lot of couples tell their GP that depression is ruining their sex lives, yet often it is because of the lack of communication, which has caused their own sexual activity to stop or falter.

Try something else

No woman must ever feel pressured in reaching orgasm during a sexual intercourse. In case orgasms do not come effortlessly, it is important that women who take antidepressants may enjoy all aspects of the play –not only reaching the orgasm.

Sometimes, the problem is that we tend to focus on having an orgasm as the end-point of sexual intercourse. However, sex is not only about orgasm, it is all about feeling pressure, having fun, and exploring new sexual sensations.

The mainstream of women, not just those with depression, demand clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm habitually lacking during penetrative sex due to the positioning, poor technique, and the depth of the penetration.

If you happen to feel that the antidepressants that you are taking are drastically affecting your own sex life, it may be worth talking to your GP. You need to talk to him/her on whether the medicine you are taking is really suitable for you. Nevertheless, for a lot of people, stopping or changing medication isn’t a choice. There are some women who may experience anorgasmia as a result of taking antidepressants. However, it is important to keep taking what your doctor recommends you to take, and to reassess the sexual agenda. This is instead of risking the mental wellbeing with no medications at all.

What Works for You?

There are some fairly simple suggestions that can help you in feeling more excited physically. This is as long as you and your partner can talk to each other openly on how to interact sexually. This must be in a way that is pleasurable and comfortable for you. Lubricants are a lifesaver, especially for vaginal dryness. Furthermore, penetrating sex toys like a bullet vibrator may also help in feeling more stimulated.

There are also a lot of ways for you to experience orgasm on antidepressants or pleasure via foreplay, oral sex, masturbation, and intimate message, among others. These are essential in increasing the level of arousal. In the actual fact, sharing sexual fantasies may help in creating sensual imagery in the mind. Most especially during sex play or when you are using a sex toy that may increase the arousal as well.

Go with the Flow

Depression isn’t a one-size-fits-all condition and various solutions may help various people in coping up. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that the sexual activity may help in temporarily boosting the low mood and produce feel-good endorphins.

Having orgasm on antidepressants may be a lot of effort for some people. Well, in general, not just those who are suffering from depression –it needs a lot of effort. However, making time to indulging with sex play may have a positive effect on the mood.


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