How To Prevent ED From Ruining Relationship?


Erectile dysfunction may put a humungous pressure on a relationship. Whether you have been in a relationship for years or are just starting to know each other, ED may be a huge of a worry. Erectile dysfunction may be a devastating condition, especially for a man, yet it may equally be a worry to his partner too. However, does it need to ruin your relationship? Of course, it does not! Good thing, there are some ways on how to prevent ED from ruining relationship with your partner. If you want to learn more about this and more, feel free to give this article a read.

Erectile Dysfunction: What is this?

Erectile dysfunction means an incapability to get a good sufficient erection in order to achieve adequate intercourse. Furthermore, it affects men of all the different ages and happens for a lot of reasons. This is both psychological and physical, including depression, surgery, hormonal problems, stress, and anxiety. The occasional erectile dysfunction is not unusual either.

Time is necessary in adjusting to erectile dysfunction and you must recognize that depending on the circumstances, the erectile dysfunction is something that humans can do something about, except there is a real medical or organic reason for it. However, even then, people may actually have assistance with Cialis or Viagra.

How To Prevent ED From Ruining Relationship?

Here are some ways on how to prevent ED from ruining relationship:

Consider counselling.

Contact a particular organization where sex therapists are all hands on. They must also be skilled and trained to deal with erectile dysfunction. The therapist must also understand the dynamics in a particular relationship and will be able to help in managing the condition.

When you get counselling, your therapist must really do a good detailed history taking. If they find out that there is something medical or organic in nature, then they’ll ask you to go and check out with their own GP. Furthermore, there might also be some other things that may contribute to the condition in a psychological level. This is all about exploring the necessary things that they can do something.

Talk to your GP.

You need to talk to your partner before doing this. Furthermore, perhaps, you may also need to come and talk to your GP with what really helps your condition. It is so important that if you are a man and have some concerns regarding your erection, you go and get checked. This is because there might be something organic or natural in nature that may cause it. If that isn’t the case, then, at lease, you got a reassurance.

Extend sexual range.

There are lots of ways in which you can achieve orgasm and provide each other the pleasure. This is without significantly having to have a strong kind of erection and engaging in a penetrative sex.

You need to maintain your intimacy and closeness, in an obvious note, communication is very important here. However, do not forget to only be able to touch and stroke each other. You need to extend your range of sexuality. This is all about exploring each other and exploring what really works for the two of you. If you are anxious about your own performance, you need to start relaxing and enjoying some other parts of the body too because if you just focus on the penis, then naturally this is not going to be encouraging to get a lasting erection.

Handle the subject with care.

Bear in mind that erectile dysfunction is not anyone’s fault. Do not put any pressure on your own partner just because they have it. Further, be very supportive of him through this downfall. As a woman, if you happen to notice that your partner is struggling for sex, tell him straight –but of course, with care. You need to be careful with the words that you are going to use in confronting him. You need to be soft and careful.

Always keep the communication lines open.

The erectile dysfunction may frequently cause a trouble in a relationship. This is not because of the lack of sexual intercourse, but because of the lack of communication. In case the erectile dysfunction does not get into the conversation, it may have a bit harmful effect on the confidence of your partner, as well as on how he sees himself. This may cause him in withdrawing from the intimacy in a relationship. Furthermore, this may go on to cause some problems as the couple would not be as close anymore.

Search for the cause.

By getting to know as much as you can about the erectile dysfunction, you may be able to prevent it from ruining your own relationship. The first thing among the ways on how to prevent ED from ruining relationship is to recognize what the cause of the condition is. Once you already have the condition, you need to sort it all out and then know how to deal with it.


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