Important Facts About Sex Dreams


Having a sex dream is so normal. At some point of a person’s life, he or she will get to experience this. And I am telling you, there is nothing wrong about it. The most common to experience it, however, are men. Here, we are going discuss some facts about sex dreams. Read on to learn more!

Some Important Facts about Sex Dreams

Over the past years, we’ve found that the most common sex dreams that patients report are those that include the following:

  • Distressing sex dreams, which involves violence.
  • So disturbingly, dreams of having sex with some close relatives.
  • Having a sexual intercourse with someone who you cannot stand in real life.
  • Having been involved in a threesome or orgy, sometimes together with your current partner.
  • Doing sex with your partner long time ago.
  • Someone of the same sex as you are.
  • Having sex with unknown strangers.
  • Not being faithful to your partner with a neighbor or a friend.
  • Having sex with a TV personality or film star.
  • Having sex with your partner or spouse, often in a crazy situation.

Even with this age where it is open sexually, people are still frequently anxious, as they have had nightmares with a sexual content in it. Particularly, it may be so disturbing without a doubt if, in a particular dream, you do a thing that might be completely shocking for you in the real life.

For example, a woman who’s leading a tremendously chaste and reputable life may have a distressful dreams, wherein she’s raging orgasmic sex with a dozen of handsome men, or with the best friend of his husband. Likewise, a heterosexual man may get confused to finding out that he experience dreams wherein he’s engaging in a sexual fondling with some handsome guy.

Nonetheless, many people aren’t upset because of their sexual dreams and just enjoy themselves for what they really are. This is commonly the best attitude that you can take. Except, of course, where the dreams that they get has openly unpleasant content.

Sexual Dreams: Why do we have them?

One of the most important facts about sex dreams that we need to discuss –why do we have them? Well, we actually dream due to the intense activity, which is persistently going on in the subconscious minds.

Furthermore, since sex is a powerful human drive, it is not really surprising that a lot of dreams already have a strong sexual material. Furthermore, if we have these deep urges in doing these particular things, they’re so extremely likely to come out in the dreams. Remember, our dreams is where our own consciousness can’t prevent them from occurring.

Does Consciences Censor Sexy Dreams?

Yes, it does! The mind actually has something that is called –the dream sensor. This particular sensor is what cleans up the dreams.

Therefore, if people who have a so severe puritanical viewpoint being to have a sex dream, their own dream censor may change it. Therefore, the very rude things get replaced with symbols.

Hence, a man with strict morals may experience an unconscious, deep desire in having sex with a beautiful woman. Rather than dreaming about vaginas, he’ll keep on dreaming about subways and tunnels. Rather than dreaming about breasts, he’ll dream about mounds and hillocks.

Correspondingly, a woman who has a sexual morality that’s so strict might not dream of any penises. Rather, she will dream about the symbols of penis, just like tall chimneys, cigars, rockets, and church spires.

Nonetheless, in our own experience, this particular kind of dream symbolism may seem to be lesser common than it should be. Furthermore, people are less hung up when they actually were generations ago. This is the reason why they tend to dream on explicit sex, instead of just symbols.

Orgasms in Dreams

There is no doubt to answering id people have orgasms in dreams or not. Certainly, they do! Women do not do this very frequently, but of course, it really happens. Most especially, at times wherein they are extremely sexually charged.

A report also suggests that a large number of women their first orgasms was in their dream. Nevertheless, it is more common for women to just get so excited during a dream. And then wake up to the edge of orgasm, and perchance even end  themselves off by doing some self strokes.

Wet Dreams: Are these harmful?

Another important among the facts about sex dreams is knowing whether it is harmful or not.

It is actually not harmful. However, a lot of people, especially young men of Asian race believe that they actually are. These people were told that the loss of semen may weaken the body or make one’s life shorter. Nonetheless, this is not true. Wet dreams or having sex dreams are just the natural response of the body to its own hormones, just like when periods occur in women. They actually don’t do any harm to the health, or even in the fertility.


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