Kyleena For Contraception: Is It Really Effective?


If you are taking pills as a method of contraception, you may find it so hard to remember taking it all the time. What if I tell you there is one method of contraception in which you will never have to remember taking you contraceptive pill already? Not only that, you will also don’t need to worry about whatever side effects it may cause you. Furthermore, what if, in spite of not being able to take the pill, you might still want to have sexual intercourse with a calmness that you are not get impregnated. This dream can now turn into a reality because of Kyleena. Well, basically, Kyleena for contraception is actually a thing now. Give this article a read and get to understand more about this method of contraception.

Kyleena: What’s this?

Basically, Kyleena is a small-sized device and an intrauterine delivery system that acts like a predecessor. It goes through the body wherein it releases the hormonal levonorgestrel. This levonorgestrel is what makes the cervical mucus thicker, as well as thin out the lining of the womb, thus creating one sperm-halting environment.

Nevertheless, dissimilar from its antecedents, Kyleena sits in the woman’s womb where the levonorgestrel comes from. Therefore, there is nothing like free-floating hormones that circulate the body and producing various problems.

If you ever find yourself getting progressively conscious about all the hormones that you are putting into the body, or, conversely, often rush from the HIIT training and then to the 9 AM meeting, and forget taking your pills. The Kyleena might be perfect for you! It is convenient, somewhat different from the pill that one out of five women forgets to take.

Moreover, Kyleena is a trivial T-shaped contraceptive device that is made of flexible, soft plastic. Worry less, the plastic used in this is impeccably harmless.

Kyleena: What is it special for?                                    

  • It is free of estrogen.
  • You may want to remove it at whatever time and your own fertility levels will get back to the normal levels immediately.
  • Due to its location in the womb, instead of in the vagina, you will not be able to feel it during the sexual intercourse.
  • When Kyleena is being inserted in the womb and isn’t in the vagina, all the hormones that it discharges are just in that area, instead of firing askew all over the body.
  • Once it is inserted, it prevents pregnancy for a span of 5 years. You will just need to leave it there, skipping the hassle of the daily intake of pills entirely.
  • Studies show it has the similar 99% success rate as the other hormonal contraceptives.
  • It has 20 times lesser hormone than the lowest-dose pills, which is actually a significant dose.
  • It is the smallest ever intrauterine delivery system.

Kyleena for Contraception: Dosage

The Kyleena is a very flexible, small, plastic device, with a shape like ‘T’ that releases a lower dosage of hormones in the uterus continuously. Here is a quick breakdown of the dosage of Kyleena:

  • It has 19.5 milligrams of levonorgestrel.
  • Slowly, it releases 17.5 micrograms of hormones every day after 24 days.
  • After a year, it will release 9.8 micrograms each day.

After a span of five years, Kyleena must be removed. It may be replaced with a new one if there will be no complications. Furthermore, Kyleena has any estrogen. Thus, it is essential for those women who can’t take hormonal contraception that is estrogen-based.

It is thought that intrauterine delivery system can work by:

  • Slowing down the sperm movement, As well as reducing the sperm survival rate.
  • Making the cervical mucus thicker.
  • Making the uterine lining much thinner.

Insertion of Kyleena for Contraception

The device must only be inserted by a medical practitioner. It may be inserted during a visit and will take just a few minutes as it does not require any surgery at all. Before you get your Kyleena IUD inserted, you will be needing an appointment to determine whether the intrauterine delivery system is suitable for you

During the process of insertion, the healthcare provider will be doing the following:

  • Trim all the threads to a suitable length.
  • Remove inserter and leaving the Kyleena IUD in the uterus.
  • Inserting the IUD in the uterus via the cervix and vagina.
  • Measure the uterus depth.
  • Cleanse the vagina and cervix with some antiseptic solution.
  • Insert speculum in the vagina
  • Examine the pelvis in order to determine the position of the uterus, its size and shape.

You will feel discomfort and pain during this process. You may also experience bleeding or dizziness. Nevertheless, if these symptoms don’t stop within 30 minutes after the insertion, you must inform your practitioner. The IUD may be placed improperly.

If you are planning to undergo this kind of contraception, bear in mind that it may not be appropriate for everyone. Other than using Kyleena for contraception, here are some other ways or methods that may be suitable for you. Go and consult your doctor to know. Also, do not forget to check some other birth control options.


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