Masturbation For Women: Is It Necessary Or Not?


Masturbation is a thing that any gender can do. Well, this is actually not a bad thing for any people. In the actual fact, masturbation can arouse yourself in a sexual manner. You can do this by hand or with the use of some sex toys. As what I have said, any gender can do it. That being said, women can do it too. In this article we are going to discuss further about masturbation for women. Read on and get to learn more about this!

­­­Masturbation: What is this?

As mentioned above, to masturbate is to stimulate yourself in a sexual manner. You can do this using your own hands or using some sex toys. Furthermore, there are some extremely-sexed women who can do it just by rubbing their own thighs together. Moreover, a minority of women may do it without any genital contact, yet simply via caressing their breasts.

This kind of stimulation frequently leads to orgasm, yet not consistently. This is because a lot of women enjoy stroking themselves and experience pleasure that doesn’t really end in an orgasm or climax.

Often at a fairly young age, most men have already tried masturbating. On the other hand, women tend to begin masturbating later. Nevertheless, it does not tend to be that much of an automatic activity as it is for most of the men.

Moreover, even when a woman has learned how to do it, she’ll perhaps do it lesser than the average man. Furthermore, it seems that way fewer women than men do it in a more regular manner.

Some people have speculations as to why this is the case. However, most of them agree that it has something to do with the rudimentary sex drive.

Furthermore, it also appears that if you are going to compare the sex drive of an average young man and an average young woman, the man is more likely to be more greatly sexed of the two. This is comparatively because of the fluctuating of a woman’s hormones tend to mean that her own desire for sex isn’t that constant as the man’s.

One more reason for the masturbation being less important for women than with men is that the sexual apparatus of a man is all outside the body. They just focus on the pleasure their penis provides.

Masturbation for Women: Is it a good thing?

Most counsellors and clinic staffs work in the world of sex or relationship therapies believe that women may learn a huge deal about their own sexual response via masturbation. Furthermore, they may pass on what they know to any partner.

Therefore, masturbation for women must not be regarded. Because it was once as shameful and immature. Masturbation is something that normal sexual women do. Moreover, they may reserve it for if they feel in need of some treat, or if they may do it regularly. This is even when they are in a relationship.

There are some women who also choose to masturbate in order to ease the abdominal cramps, especially during their menstrual periods. A lot of people have also learnt that it is beneficial in making you sleep if you are wakeful. Furthermore, others masturbate for some sexual relief surreptitiously. Further, a lot of women these days masturbate as part of their foreplay when sharing with partners.

The Best Way for Women to Attain Orgasm

If you do not know what exactly it is like or what it really takes for you in reaching orgasm, it is a great idea to practice by yourself.

For some, they notion of stimulating themselves may seem to be a bit worrisome, unappealing, or something that you need to be ashamed of. It is the best for women to get rid of these kind of feelings.

Masturbation is one of the greatest way to make the tension in the body much lesser. Furthermore, it is an extremely safe way to reaching orgasm. Further, it is perhaps the best way to learning about how the body likes to be touched. Nevertheless, masturbation, just like most of the things, takes a lot of practice and time. moreover, the only way for you to learn about it is to try it on your own.

If it is your first time to do masturbation, it is so fine to search how to do it. In order for you to masturbate in a way that can maximize your satisfaction and pleasure, you may need to plan how and when you can do it, instead of leaving it to the chance.

Guidelines to Masturbating Properly

  • For some women, is not enough to just use the fingers. If you are too, you can use some sex toys. A vibrator may be beneficial too.
  • In case your sexual tension rises, keep on going. If you’ve never masturbated to orgasm before, you may feel tired and want to stop already. You shouldn’t worry about this –take your time.
  • While touching yourself, look at something that can turn you on.
  • Try familiarizing with precisely how touching makes you feel.
  • You may feel a warm feeling in your abdomen. You can try to touch yourself all over the body.
  • Tighten and relax the muscles at the pelvis. If you already tighten and relax the muscles in a rapid succession you’ll feel contractions.

Masturbation for women is so important. And most of the women may learn how to do it properly with the above guidelines!


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