Multivitamin Side Effects


People are advised to seek emergency help when Multivitamin side effects or signs such as breathing difficulties, face, lips, and tongue swelling, hives, itching, abdomen, urticaria rashes among others. But when these multivitamins are taken in right amounts, they are known to act well, and the body will respond very well with very little or no side effects. However, in cases of overdose, a person may experience stomach upsets, bad mouth taste, and headache. Different composition of vitamins has special side effects, and it is imperative when they are categorically mentioned.

Similar to any medication, the intake of multivitamins in the form of supplements comes with a few side effects. This is mainly caused by multivitamin supplements that are of low quality and if the consumer has not followed the instructions properly. These side effects caused by these goods can range from mild headaches to severe problems. Some of these side effects can also be extremely harmful and dangerous to a person’s health. Here are a few side effects of multivitamins:

Causes Hemochromatosis.

Even if there are unknown side effects attached to the use of multivitamins, overuse of iron give rise to intoxication or simply iron poisoning which is behind situations related cases of fibrosis on the liver, normally referred to as hemochromatosis. When this condition continues, such as liver cirrhosis, kidney stones, cancer and so on will surface when a person continues to abuse vitamins. At rare occasions, vitamin abuse leads to the failure of the organ.

Renal Stones

Vitamins too have their bad sides hence, Multivitamin side effects. When they are abused, they can be very fatal; the dosage recommended each day ranges between 600 to 800 mg in a period of 14 days. Since a lot of people have the habit of taking one to two tablets at every passing time, there are chances that abuse of these vitamins is imminent. Taking too much of these vitamins leads to the formation of renal stones, a situation that gives rise to the failure of renal (when not effectively managed). In excess form, vitamin C is known to acidify body fluids leading to metabolic acidosis which is a condition associated with dehydration.


Potassium is another ingredient available in the multivitamin formulation, and when taken in large amounts, it gives rise to hyperkalemia, a situation that leads to blockage of the heart in all people (sick or healthy).

Even if calcium is known to strengthen the bones of the mother and baby, it can have drastic effects when abused. Gallstones or simply renal stones can be formed, and this takes place within the renal system, that’s the bladder, ureter, and kidney. In the early stages, Multivitamin side effects in the abuse of calcium are the pain in the abdomen, a problem of cardiac and constipation. For this reason, multivitamins with calcium formulation shouldn’t be taken in excess or minus the doctor’s advice. These are a few ways that you can keep yourself from being a victim of such side effects while consuming multivitamin supplements. It is better to be safer than sorry


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