Myths About Contraception That You Need To Stop Listening To


Contraception –all of us use it. It is an essential part of the reproductive and sexual health. However, it is still one of the most misinterpreted areas of common healthcare. Furthermore, there are some adults who still believe in myths about contraception. Now is the time that we set things straight and disperse the reality from the faulty speculations. Give this article a read and get to learn more about the myths about contraception that you must stop listening to.

The Pill and the Other Methods of Contraception

There are actually a lot of forms of birth control or contraception –implants, IUDs, and the Pill. It is important to find the one that really works for you so that you will be able to prevent unwanted pregnancy. One of the meekest is the Pill.

In COC or combined oral contraceptive pills, progesterone and estrogen help prevent the body against ovulation. That just means that if an egg isn’t released, you will not be able to get pregnant. Furthermore, the Pill has an added backup. In the actual fact, it makes the cervical mucus thicker –that makes it much more difficult for the sperm to pass through. Additionally, the Pill may also thin the uterus lining, so on the chance that the egg get fertilized, it’ll have a much harder time for implanting.

Well, actually, it is not just the Pill that has a huge need of clarification about its use. There are some more. Below are some myths about contraception that you must stop listening to. Keep on scrolling to learn more.

Myths about Contraception that You Need to Stop Listening To

  • If you are breastfeeding, you cannot get pregnant.

There are some new mothers who often think that they cannot get pregnant if they are still breastfeeding. Well, actually this is so not true. While it’s true that breastfeeding has the capacity to delay the ovulation, thus making it less possible for you to conceive. However, if you want to risk another member on your family sooner than you are expecting it to be, do not rely on this myth.

  • IIUD and pill are the only protection you need.

Both IUDs and the Pill are both amazing methods of contraception. However, they actually do nothing in protecting you from STIs. In case you are on the pill and are seeing a wide range of partners, you must still use condoms. If you do have one, range of partners, regular partner, consider going to an STI testing clinic. This is for you to make sure that you are both negative from any infection or virus.

  • Two condoms make sex safer.

Condoms are actually 98% safe and effective, yet doubling up does not necessarily double the odds. In the actual fact, two condoms will just rub together and are more possible to split than the single ones.

  • You cannot get pregnant if you have sex during period.

It is not likely, yet it is far from the impossible. The sperm can actually live within the body for seven straight days and most of the women have justly irregular menstrual cycles. Therefore, it is not easy to know precisely when will the eggs be free for release. If you experience ovulation soon after having a period, you might become pregnant. It is not easy to foresee the safe times for the period of the cycle.

  • It is a good idea to break in the birth control.

Some people tend to worry that taking the pill for a long period of time might impact the reproductive health. That’s why they take breaks when they can. Well, the reality is that a break or pause in the use of pills will not really make that much of a difference.

  • You need to take pills at the same time every single day.

This is actually true for the much older forms of progesterone only pills. However, not with the most common birth control pills, which will be prescribed by your doctor. Even though this is a myth, it’s actually a bit useful. Taking a pill on a regular basis will help in remembering and reducing the risk of missing it a day.

  • Being on a pill for a long time makes it harder to get pregnant.

This particular idea has already continued for years, yet it is all false. In the actual fact, it is very likely that one can get pregnant the moment you stop taking the pill. In case it was not true, there would not be a lot of unexpected pregnancies from failing to recall to begin again after the seven-day break.

  • Withdrawal method can’t get you pregnant.

This is the most common and the most widespread myths about contraception. It is so easy to see, since in school, we are taught that the moment of ejaculation is also the moment that the sperm is released. In the reality, men frequently release bits of ejaculate before climaxing. Furthermore, withdrawing before the climax will definitely reduce the chances of pregnancy, yet it will not eliminate them.


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