Sauna For Weight Loss: Is It Really Effective?


Saunas are there for a very long time already, but there are some who do not know that it is effective for weight loss. In fact, we can just sit in the sauna and let our bodies sweat. Furthermore, Saunas are there to help us cleanse our bodies as well as to relax. However, do you know the effectiveness of sauna for weight loss? It is an excellent idea to go to sauna if you want to lose weight. A sauna can be the miracle of weight loss that we want to try. Nevertheless, the sauna can make us dehydrate and it is not good for our health. When the heat is extreme, we sweat and lose fluids.

According to studies, when we stay in the sauna, we lose a pint of body liquid. Furthermore, that is why, we drink enough water before, after, and during our time in the sauna. Moreover, so that we can replace the fluids when we sweat.

Does Sauna for Weight Loss Really Work?

It is indisputable that sauna can burn calories. However, the sauna does not help us to build muscles. This is the reason why we should sauna in our routines. Moreover, the calories we lose in the sauna is water weight. In addition, it puts straight back as soon as we drink water. Nevertheless, the calories we burn is still more than the water weight we lose.

The Advantages of Sauna for Weight Loss               

The Sauna heats up our core temperature. Because of this, the body tries to cool us down and it makes our body work harder. Furthermore, then the body works harder, it burns more calories.

The Sauna increases the circulation and makes us sweat. As we sweat, it helps us shed water and salt that allows us to lose more weight. It can also help in the metabolism and it can help to lose weight quickly.

Thirty minutes sauna session can help us burn 300 to 500 calories. We lose that much calories while we sit.

One of the best benefits of sauna for weight loss is it helps the body to detoxify. While we sweat in the sauna, it helps to remove the toxins in the lymphatic system. The removal of toxins helps us to burn fats more effectively.

Types of Sauna

  • In Electrical Sauna, they use electricity to heat the room.
  • In Wood Burning, they light up the woods to heat the sauna rocks. This is like the traditional Finnish sauna. The temperature in the sauna room is humid and high.
  • Infrared is not like the conventional saunas. They use infrared to heat our body and to make us sweat.
  • Steam rooms are also known as Turkish baths. These sauna rooms are humid and steamy.

The Benefits of Sauna for the Body

A sauna can help lose water weight. Our water weight is at least five pounds of our total weight. Moreover, water weight can take up to one week to lose.  When we stay in the sauna, it can help reduce too much water when we sweat. Within two days, we can lose the water weight.

The Sauna can help us reduce stress. Furthermore, the Sauna can help us relax while we bathe. It can lower the level of cortisol in our body. Cortisol is the hormone we released when we worry, or when we are under physical or mental stress.

The Sauna can improve the stamina of the body. Moreover, the Sauna can help to increase the functions of the respiratory system. With this, it can improve the capacity to breathe and it can reduce the risks of respiratory diseases.  While it increases the stamina of the body, we can exercise and workout and burn fats at the same time.

The Sauna can help with muscle pains. Athletes, or even us, can go to the sauna to recover and relieve muscle pains from too much exertion. Furthermore, while we keep our muscles to rejuvenate, it is also important for the metabolism of the body. The Sauna can help us relax and aid with the sore muscles.

The Best Experience Of Sauna For Weight Loss

If we want to go to the sauna to lose weight, we should incorporate it into our workout regime. Furthermore, try to work with weights then stay in the sauna for 30 minutes. Moreover, it can also help to heal the muscles from the workout. After that, drink a lot of water.

The most frequently Asked Questions about Sauna

  • How much weight can we lose when we go in the sauna?

People, we can lose up to 5 pounds. Nevertheless, it varies with our age, weight, height, or how long we stay in the sauna.

  • How often can we go to the sauna?

We go twice a day for five months for better results.

  • How long do we have to sit in the sauna?

A twenty minutes stay in the sauna room can give us better results.

  • Is sauna really good for when we want to lose weight?

Yes, people, it is good for weight loss.  However, in addition, we must eat healthily and exercise.

  • How much weight can we lose in one day?

People, we cannot lose weight in just a single day.


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