Sex After Giving Birth: Important Facts You Need To Know


Can you have sex after giving birth? This is one of the most common questions that people ask. Even though it is for a certain that giving birth affect one’s sex life, there is nothing wrong with having sex after a women gave birth. Well, at least, don’t expect it to return in an instant. There is always a perfect time for everything. Give this article a read and get to learn more about the topic.

Giving Birth: Does it affect your sex life?

Yes, if you give birth, it will certainly affect your sex life. Therefore, please do not expect that everything will promptly return to their normal state.

The childbirth is quite a traumatic process for every woman. The subtle vaginal tissues are unavoidably torn, bruised, and strained. Further, it takes quite a few weeks for these injuries to heal. In the year 2016, one medical journal suggests that 85% of the new mothers have vaginal damage, which last for a few weeks after having a normal delivery.

Moreover, childbirth includes significant hormonal changes in the body, as well as emotional stresses. Thus, it is so important for both the mother and the father to realize that sex may not be a great idea in the first six months or so after giving birth to the baby. As what we say earlier, there is a perfect time for everything. Just wait and patient.

Sex After Giving Birth: How soon can you resume having sex?

In the year 2013, one study suggests that 41% of the first-time mothers have had a full vaginal sexual intercourse by the time their baby was six weeks old.

Conventionally, doctors and midwives have advised that a woman must not consider having sex until after the postnatal checkup. This particular examination commonly takes about 6 weeks after giving birth. Even so, she might not feel ready to have sex, specifically if she has had some stitches. Or the opening of the vagina is still sore. Nevertheless, in the recent years few American medical publications suggest that there is actually no real scientific basis regarding this prohibition until the sixth week.

If you are doubtful on whether you want to resume having sex after giving birth, ask your midwife or doctor. Most specifically, ask about the use of additional lubrication.

Going for Other Sexual Activity before Resuming Sex                                  

In the actual fact, you can go for some other sexual activity before you resume in having sex. Further, it may be a great way of letting off the steam. This is actually great as some couples often get frustrated when they’re waiting on the resume of sex. For the meantime, a foreplay can make a good alternative. This is even though there’s one strongly serious danger right here.

 Can the both of you reach orgasm?

Of course you will! It will not do any harm at all if you reach the orgasm or climax.

Therefore, things that you may do include the following:

  • Mutual touching of different parts of the bodies.
  • Oral sex done by the woman on the man. This kind of foreplay often shows a great boon to a man who’s frantic for a sexual release.
  • Hand petting by the man on the woman. The use of the man’s fingers in stimulating the clitoris is what this way’s all about. Nevertheless, he must not put his own fingers inside, until she’s had postnatal examination and the midwife or doctor said that everything is already healed up. Therefore, you just stick around to rubbing and stroking the outer part of the vagina. It is a bit safe to pay your whole attention to the clitoris. This is well away from the area wherein the stitches are in.
  • Hand petting by the woman on the man. This is what they usually call as the hand job.

Things to Avoid In Sex after Giving Birth

There are some things that you need to avoid if you want to have sex after giving birth. Please take note of these important warnings. You will see above that we  did not include the oral sex that a man can perform in a woman. This is of off limits during the first few months of giving birth.

This is mainly because of two reasons:

  • It may lead to death. There are cases of blowing air into the vagina. Remember, air might easily get into the blood vessels and may cause a frequent fatal illness or air embolism.
  • It might introduce some infection in the womb and vagina.

What happens to the female libido after giving birth?

Most of the women do not feel so keen on sex for a few weeks after giving birth. The main reason for this is simply tiredness. In case the delivery was difficult and long, the woman might also feel anxious regarding the feeling of getting pregnant again. In general, women start to feel their own desire in sex in just a couple of months after birth. In case the libido does not return, seek some help.


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