Sex And Breast Cancer: Things You Need To Know About It


Recuperating from breast cancer may leave a lot of women feeling so insecure. They may suffer from low sexual drive and experience a reduction in their sexual satisfaction. Whatever form of cancer may actually impact upon the sexuality of one person. However, it may be specifically difficult after having breast cancer as the breasts are closely in connection with the sexual attractiveness. However, the good news in here is that most of the women are still able to experience great sex after having the treatment. Read on through this article and get to learn more about the link in between sex and breast cancer.

Sex and Breast Cancer: Things you need to know

Here are some of the necessary things that you need to know about sex and breast cancer.

Take the things at your own accord.

It is common to experience fatigue as it is a side effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The key in here is to take all the things at your own pace. You may take a lesser active role during a sexual intercourse. If you feel drained physically in the evening, try to have it in the morning. Even a quick sex maybe fun and may help in reducing the fatigue. By way of slowly increasing the amount of physical activity that you do, you might have more energy for a sex.

Find various positions that work for you.

The pain from the scar tissue might resolve slowly after a surgery. Further, teaching your partner to be gentle with you may help. You can guide them on where to touch and what kind of pressure you can use. A lot of partners actually feel nervous about touching their own partners because of the fear that they may cause pain. Furthermore, they are also happy if their partner tells what to avoid and what really feels good.

You can try doing some experiments with various sex positions, in case it feels uncomfortable. You can use pillows that may help in supporting the both of you. This may be great fun as you are exploring what really works for you. Lying side by side in a position of spooning may feel so intimate and may place lesser pressure on the body.

Sex toys may help in reaching orgasm.

The treatment for breast cancer may affect the way wherein you experience reaching the orgasm. You might find it much harder to orgasm because of the tension and anxiety. The drug therapy may cause the reduction of the sensation during an arousal. This may affect the time it takes for you to be able to reach the orgasm.

The use of sex toys may increase the sexual stimulation and help in achieving the sexual pleasure in some other ways. A lot of sex toys help women, especially in relaxing and may create a different sexual experience. Making your partner use a sex toy on you may actually help you in connecting, even though penetrative sex isn’t possible. In case penetrative sex is possible, integrating sex toys on the clitoris may help in increasing the sexual pleasure. And produce an orgasm –hopefully.

The pelvic floor exercise may do a world of good.

Various pelvic floor exercises may help in improving the blood flow in the vagina, as well as enable you to relax the muscles during sex and bosom pleasure in order to lessen the pain. The use if the pelvic floor exercises may help and involve small effort. Furthermore, the strong pelvic floor muscles may also help in increasing the organs’ intensity.

The symptoms of menopause are common.

A lot of the side effects of the treatments for cancer may actually bring out various symptoms of menopause. This may be distressing. Why? Well, vaginal dryness, night sweats, and hot flushes may actually affect the sexual relationships.

Take time in exploring what really works for you.                                                                      

A lot of women who are treated for breast cancer find that their own libido or sexual drive disappears or reduces entirely. This is as a result of the physical changes in the body, lengthy fatigue, treatment, as well as the lack of confidence on the way their own body looks after the surgery or the constant worry and the anxiety regarding their future, treatment, and diagnosis.

However, take time to explore what really works sexually and seek some medical advice if you ever feel that the problem isn’t resolving its own self. A lot of medicines for breast cancer may actually impact the libido. Further, a simple change in the medicine that you take may reduce whatever side effects there is.

Communication is the main key.

It isn’t always easy to talk about sex. However, finding the proper environment for the both of you is important. You must consider how you are sharing sexual pleasure and what has really changed in your relationship.

Explore some new ways of sexual intimacy, like sex without sexual intercourse, bondage or sex toys. This is to explore each other’s body. You can also read some erotic fiction or watch porn to increase your arousal.

There you have it, the facts you need to know about sex and breast cancer. I hope that you acquire something here!


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