Sex At Old Age: Debunking Some Misconceptions


A sexual activity in the old age is actually a significant subject to talk about. Having enough knowledge about the physiological changes, which take place with aging, as well as making the necessary adjustments may bring you and your partner the greatest satisfaction. There are some important things that you need to learn about sex at old age.

Research actually shows that in a lot of cases, the body may continue to work sexually at an old age- and actually enjoy it. Various misconceptions and myths frequently lead to the avoidance of sexual activity. This is even when a couple enjoys a good relationship and is physically healthy.

Moreover, a lot of elderly, both men and women, actually feel that sex at old age isn’t culturally and socially accepted. Further, some also think that it may be bad for them physically.

Sex at Old Age: Debunking Some Misconceptions

1 – Sex with some common medical conditions.

A medical condition does not necessarily mean that you need to stop having sex.

Sexual Performance and Medication:

As we age, there is a much greater risk of having the need to take medications on a daily basis. Various medications have various side effects. Further, combinations of a number of medications only add more to the combination. If you are going to take various medications, you need to be aware of the changes, most especially when you start to take a new drug. If you tend to experience any undesirable side effect, it is so important that you tell it to your doctor.


After having a prostatectomy, the semen is ejaculated in the bladder. This is actually common and natural to happen. Moreover, the feelings of orgasm stay the same. Good thing, nowadays, more and more patients who go prostatectomy receive a well-detailed explanation regarding this issue.


Diabetes may actually increase the risk of suffering from sexual dysfuntion. Further, this may also be a cause of erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness because of nerve damage, low sexual desire, as well as the inability to orgasm.

There are some treatments that may help those who have diabetes. If you’re a patient who has diabetes, and experience sexual dysfunction, I recommend that you consult your doctor immediately.

Angina, Heart Failure, Coronary Bypass, Heart Attacks, etc.:

There are lots of cases wherein someone decides on giving up on having sex, just to protect the health of their partner. When in fact, there is no real need for such. Furthermore, patients are also told that if they can resume with sexual activity and get some guidance. Remember, there is no need for you to be afraid. Moreover, most of the people are able to return to having sex gradually within three months and may spend the exact same amount of effort, which is necessary for sex.

2 – Widower’s Syndrome

The widower’s syndrome is actually a phenomenon in which a widower suffers from a sexual performance anxiety when they attempt to have sex with a new partner for the very first time. Frequently, in these cases, the widower and his ex-partner had been in a great relationship for so many years. They may also have had regular sexual habits and routines, and has known each other so well.

3 – Women’s Physiological Changes

Women may also experience a number of changes that comes with sex, as people age. One of the most common changes is the lower lubrication in the vagina during a sexual intercourse. The result of it is that the man needs to devote more time in the foreplay before the penetration. This is mainly because only then is there enough lubrication content.

4 – Men’s Physiological Changes

For most of the men, the changes in the sexual activity happen during the mid-50s. It is actually a result of some physiological changes in their body. For example, at the age of 60, or the time necessary to have a full erection increases rapidly. Though an erection may be achieved from a light sexual stimulation or from thinking about sexually arousing thoughts at a young age, more and more rigorous stimulation is necessary on at sex at old age. This just means that women now necessitates to be more intricate and beneficial for her partner in achieving his erection using some physical stimulation.

What Does It All Mean?

It just means that a sexual activity may be continued into the 70s and 80s. Of course, it is dependent on the reasonably great health of both the partners, as well as their own desire in life.

Now, you have already learned about the necessary facts about sex at old age. It is now important that you remember to be more considerate, with regards with the need of your partner. All of these changes may require you to make some changes in your own sexual routines and develop various new approaches. Nevertheless, it certainly does not mean that you must already stop having sex.


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