Shopping List To Improve Sex Life: What Should Be On The List?


One particular thing that we have in life, which costs nothing and may give an endless pleasure, is sex. Well, not to mention, it also helps in maintaining fitness, promoting sleep, and reducing stress. The list of benefits that sex may bring us is endless. One research also suggests that people who are active in sex might take fewer sick days. Further, it is also proven that a regular sex may help in reducing the risk of developing all kinds of horrible conditions. But did you know that there is a shopping list to improve sex life? Well, we will talk about that later.

As much as we would all want to spend our days relaxing on a bed with our partner,it is quite unrealistic. So many time, life gets in the way and various factors, like hormonal changes, stress, tiredness, and lack of energy, may lead to lesser and lesser sexual activity.

However, all isn’t lost. Just by simply playing a much closer attention to your own diet and adding several main ingredients to the shopping list to improve sex life might be all that you need to rev up your energy levels. Furthermore, we are not talking about aphrodisiacs in here. We are talking about the everyday items, which you can easily find in any supermarket. Read on to learn more!

Shopping List to Improve Sex Life: What do you need to buy?

Here are some products that should be on your shopping list to improve sex life:

Spicy Foods

You may not believe it, but hot and spicy foods may lead to a much hotter sex. This is mainly because of the capsaicin in them. The capsaicin, as we know is that hot stuff, which gives the spicy food its own heat, triggers the endorphins. This may in turn, increase the sense of pleasure.

Furthermore, the spicy foods may also help in improving the blood circulation. This is beneficial to move the blood into the genital area. Some other herbs have also been found to have an effect in improving the virility. For instance, the fenugreek seeds play an important role in the increase of the testosterone production. Moreover, the fenugreek has also been found in the studies to increase the orgasm and sexual arousal significantly.

The cumin and curry powder may also help in the bedroom via the increase of blood flow and help in keeping the vagina healthy. On the other hand, the nutmeg has also been hailed as possessing aphrodisiac qualities.

Fermented Foods

The different fermented foods, which are made from soya actually have a very high concentration of phytoestrogen. These are essential in improving the arousal,especially for women.

If you are not familiar with it, phytoestrogens are the plant molecules, which are of the same structure with our estrogen. Furthermore, these are also capable of gently imitating the natural estrogen in the body in order to restore the balance in times that the hormones are changing. Painful sex, vaginal dryness, and low libido have been in connection to low estrogen levels.  The fermented soya foods are essential in providing easily digestible soy isoflavones, which may help in getting things back to normal.


The L-Arginine is an amino acid that comes in combination with some other amino acids to make up protein. Once it is in the body, it gets converted into nitric oxide. This may cause the blood vessels to open much wider for the improvement of the blood flow.

Moreover, the L-Arginine does a great job in dilating the blood vessels and is actually thought to increasing the blood flow to the erogenous zones. This helps in improving the arousal. This frequently is essential in the field of natural therapy, especially for erectile dysfunction. As well as in increasing the sensation in the genital area of a woman.

The protein foods, which supply all-out doses of arginine include:

  • Chickpeas
  • Peanuts
  • Lentils
  • Soya beans
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Turkey


Zinc actually does a lot of wonders for the body. In fact, it helps in promoting the wound healing. Furthermore, it also affects the perceptions of the smell and taste. It also helps in giving the libido a boost.

Moreover, zinc is important for the release of hormones, and is popular for its own fertility improving properties. Men, specifically may benefit from the increase in zinc intake as it has a connection with the production of testosterone. We know that testosterone is very important for the male sexual function.


Working for long hours on a demanding work, caring for family members, having a hectic social life, may be some of the factors, which may take the toll on the energy levels.

Raising the energy levels is mainly dependent on the key nutrients like iron and vitamin C. The low iron may cause fatigue as it has a connection on the production of hemoglobin. As well as the oxygenation of the red blood cells.

Various dark green leafy vegetables like mustard greens, turnip greens, beet greens, chard, collard greens, kale, spinach, etc., are essential in increasing the energy levels. If it is hard for you to increase your intake of vegetables and fruits, take vitamin C supplement instead.


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