The Best Way On How To Use Lube


The combination of lack of education and embarrassment can mean that the use of lubrication products during a sexual intercourse is even up to this date, a bit taboo of a subject. However, there is actually no reason it should be. Not only that these lube loads of fun to play and use with, it is also important for having a safe sex. In the actual fact, lube helps in reducing the risk of injury and tearing, whether it is anal or vaginal sex. It is also beneficial in enhancing the overall sex experience. And always remember, a good sex can work a lot of wonders for the health. In this article, we are going to discuss how to use lube. Not only that, we will also include some more important information about it. Read on to learn more!

Lube: What is this?                               

When talking about sex, no matter what you enjoy the most, you may commonly play by all the rules. One of which, ‘the wetter, the better.’ Well, actually, this particular logic works. Sinuously, when talking about lube due to wetter is precisely what you are getting. If you are going to associate the lube with just the vaginal dryness, it is time to step out of the box. Rather, think about lesser friction, much smoother skin, as well as all around better sex. No matter what stage in life, age, gender, or race, sex with lube is so great.

But what is lube, really? Well, actually, lube is not the same as the lubricants that are used in the local garage. The lubes that we are talking about are those that are used for the sexual pleasure and ease. The lube adds glide or moisture, thus making the sensations much smoother and more natural. In other words, they are adding oil to love making.

Why do you need to use lube?

Well, obviously, you need to use lube to increase the lubrication.

The natural lubrication of a woman mainly depends on the hormonal levels that may vary within the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, as well as with various medications, breastfeeding, and even stress. Furthermore, above 30% of women are suffering from the natural dryness –even when they feel so aroused. This is something to remember –it may happen at any age.

Other Instances on How to Use Lube              

Use it for Anal Sex

The anus does not lubricate naturally. This is the reason why it is very important to use lube when doing an anal sex. Even though it did not feel so important, not using lube during the anal sex may lead to anal fissure. These may just be felt few hours after having anal sex.

Use it with Condoms

It is typical for a condom to be lubricated. However, with intense or long-lasting sex, the lubrication in it may dry out. Remember, a dry condom may break so easily. Therefore, a condom is just as effective as the extra lube that you will add into it.

How to Use Lube?

Whatever type of lube you will use, always bear in mind that it is best to apply it in the fingertips first, then on the area where you’ll lubricate. Whether it is a condom, sex toy, penis, anus, vagina, or vulva, among other parts of the body.

Moreover, there are actually no general rule on how to use lube. It actually just depends mainly on a person’s natural lubrication level, whether you’re using a condom or not , the type of sexual activity you are going to engage with, either vaginal sex, anal sex, massage, or foreplay, as well as the product that you have chosen to use.

You may start with 2 to 3 drops and then see what happens. If you are already satisfied, stop right there, if not, you can add some more.

Always bear in mind that unluckily, not all lubes are everlasting. After a while, your bosom areas will go back to being dry again. Thus, you might be needing additional lube in it as you go along your love making.

Important Things to Know before Using Lube

  • Lubricants are not some kind of contraceptives. Most of these lubes do not contain any spermicide, thus, don’t prevent any unwanted pregnancy or the transmission of STD.
  • Check whether you are allergic to any of the components of the lube before you use it. Try to do a patch test first to find out if you are allergic to it or not.
  • Make certain that the lube is really compatible with the condom you will use. The oil-based lubes aren’t compatible with condoms as they cause them to be porous, thus making them less safer. Furthermore, they also alter the PH levels, as well as the bacteria levels of the intimate parts that may also lead to infection.
  • Make sure the lube is compatible with sex toy. The silicone-based lubes may damage the silicone of the toy. So, choose water-based lubes for safety.
  • Always use lube with sex toys. It will be beneficial in protecting both you and the toys.


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