The Facts You Need To Know About AIDS And HIV


HIV and AIDS are just some of the most common terms that we often hear nowadays. Well, these are actually conditions that one can acquire through sexual contact. In this article, we are going to learn more about the difference between AIDS and HIV. So if you want to gain a lot more knowledge about these two conditions, feel free to give this article a read.

What is HIV?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a condition that predominantly spread due to unprotected sexual intercourse. The virus actually attacks the immune system and makes the patient suffer from vulnerable infections.

Moreover, HIV has a vastly high death rate in various developing countries all over the world. Even though the human immunodeficiency virus rate keep on rising, with the proper treatment, sufferers will be able to live much longer and healthier lives.

Moreover, HIV is a virus, which infects living cells. This may lead to the deficiency or failure of the immune system. Additionally, HIV attacks and destroys the important cells in the immune system. This includes CD4 cells and/or helper T cells. After attacking these cells, the cells become virus factories, which will produce some other viruses that attacks the other CD4 cells in the body. This  particular cycle will then lead to some major losses of CD4 cells, whihc makes the immunity weak and make the body more vulnerable. This may lead to the development of some other infections, such as AIDS.

Types of HIV

Here are the two types of HIV and their differences:

Common and found worldwide Found mostly in West Africa
Has high ability to damage the body Has low ability to damage the body
High capacity to establish an infection Low capacity to establish an infection
Higher immune system’s activation level Higher immune system’s activation level
There’s higher number of CD4 during progression A higher number of CD4 during progression
More infectious on the earlier stages More infectious on the later stages
Most likely to lead to AIDS Less likely to lead to AIDS
The origin is the Common Chimpanzee The origin is the Sooty Mangabey

All of us are vulnerable to HIV whatever age, race, sexuality, we may be.

Difference Between AIDS and HIV

The difference of AIDS and HIV is that the HIV is the virus that you first contract that makes you vulnerable in the contraction of infections and diseases. On the other hand, AIDS or Acquired Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome is the name that people use in referring to the condition where the immune system has been harshly damaged already by the HIV. Furthermore, a person who has AIDS may already have acquired a lot of potentially dangerous infections.

How do you Acquire HIV?

Dissimilar to the popular belief, HIV can’t be spread through mosquitoes, saliva, urine, or sweat. Furthermore, the virus is actually severely fragile and is not capable of surviving outside the body for longer periods. Sharing toothbrushes, kissing someone, or sharing a drink with someone who has HIV will not transmit the virus to you.

Nevertheless, it may be transmitted via unprotected sex, transmission from a mother to a baby or sharing needles.

AIDS and HIV: Can it be prevented?

There are some things that may be done i9n order to prevent the contraction of HIV. The major precaution is to wear a condom each time you have sex. Another is getting a regular test for sexually transmitted infections. The earlier you catch the infection, the easier it is to get treated (hopefully). If you are using needles, make certain that you use the sterile ones. Because the infected needles will just expose the risks of catching HIV.

There is also this one drug known as PrEP that may be taken in order to prevent HIV. This is a great idea to use if you know that you are at a high risk of HIV. This is, either you are with somebody who has HIV or in a relationship, the use of recreational drugs or having sex with no condoms.

This particular drug may be prescribed by online clinics or GPs. If you feel that you may be exposed to HIV and must take PrEP, do not hesitate to go to a doctor to discuss all your concern. Moreover, bear in mind, PrEP is a drug that needs to be taken as exactly as ordered to get the full protection. Skipping even just a few doses may open you up to some risk of the infection.

How to Get Tested for HIV?                                                        

If you are worrisome about you getting HIV, make sure that you get tested as soon as possible. You may get tested by your GP or in a sexual health clinic. The test will involve giving samples of the blood or saliva that will be evaluated for the virus. Tests may also be done secretly online where all the tests will be sent home. You will then provide samples and can get all the results online.


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