The Most Startling Health Benefits Of Chamomile


Do you know what a chamomile is? You may think that this is just a normal flower that you can see in gardens, etc., but it is not. This specific flower is actually more than what meets the eye. The chamomile has so many good benefits for the health. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most staggering health benefits of chamomile. So sit back, relax, and give this article a read –I am sure, you’ll learn a lot from this article.

Chamomile: The Herb

Chamomile is an herb, which has been used for so many years now. In the actual fact, the chamomile is actually the Greek term for ground apple. Moreover, there are two different types of chamomile, the Roman chamomile or Chamaemelum Nobile and the German chamomile or Matricaria retutica. Even though the chamomile is widely beneficial as a tea to aid digestion, help with insomnia, and promote calmness. It is very popular that the chamomile has powerful benefits in getting rid of the inflammation. In addition, this is what lots and lots of inflammation patients are loving the most!

The chamomile may be consumed as a tea or may be added to various foods. Furthermore, the chamomile possesses three strong anti-inflammatory compounds, which are very effective in treating inflammation and help in the digestion of proteins that you consume. This is through the better prevention of the build-up of uric acid in the joints so that it may get flushed out in the urine.

Chamomile: The Tea

The dried flowers of the chamomile are beneficial for various natural and herbal remedies and healing uses. Nonetheless, the most popular of all its form is the tea. Apart from the satisfying taste and the accessibility of the chamomile tea, it has been popular because of its amazing health benefits. The existence of the powerful antioxidants like sesquiterpenes and flavonoids in chamomile tea has a significant effect on the body.

Albeit the tea is the most commonly used form of chamomile, the extract of it may also be used in aromatherapy oils and capsules. In addition, the chamomile lotions may also be beneficial as a lotion to relieve skin conditions. Additionally, because of its soothing nature, it’s often in use on various baby products like shampoos, soaps, and wipes.

Chamomile Tea: Nutrition Facts

100 grams of chamomile tea may contain the following:

Principle                                         Amount % Daily Value
Energy 1 Kcal <1%
Carbohydrates 0.20 grams <1%
Protein 0 grams 0%
Total Fat 0 grams 0%
Cholesterol 0 milligrams 0%
Dietary Fiber 40.3 grams 106%
Folates 1 micrograms 0.25%
Niacin 0 milligrams 0%
Pyridoxine 0 milligrams 0%
Riboflavin 0.004 milligrams <1%
Thiamin 0.010 milligrams <1%
Vitamin A 20 IU 0.7%
Vitamin C 0 milligrams 0%
Vitamin E 0 milligrams 0%
Vitamin K 0 micrograms 0%
Sodium 1 milligrams <1%
Potassium 9 milligrams <1%
Calcium 2 milligrams <1%
Copper 0.015 milligrams <1%
Iron 0.08 milligrams 1%
Magnesium 1 milligrams <1%
Manganese 0.044 milligrams <1%
Zinc 0.04 milligrams <1%
Caffiene 1 milligrams
Carotene-ß 12 micrograms
Cryptoxanthin-ß 0 micrograms
Lutein-zeaxanthin 0 micrograms
Theobromine 0 micrograms

Health Benefits of Chamomile

Here are some other benefits of chamomile:

  • Treats hemorrhoids: the soothing effect of the chamomile tea is beneficial in treating seizures and hemorrhoids.
  • Helps in treating the cold symptoms: various anecdotal evidence and some studies state that inhaling steam with chamomile extract may relieve various symptoms of the cold. Nevertheless, this particular benefit isn’t that proven.
  • Good for the oral health: the chamomile tea is beneficial in fighting oral infections, protect the teeth and gums, and prevent cavities buildup.
  • Fights bloating: the tea helps in flushing out the water, liquids, and some other wastes from the body. Therefore, you may think of the chamomile tea as a diuretic.
  • Beneficial for the hair: many users claim that the chamomile tea is beneficial in improving the appearance and the strength of the hair. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties in it are also beneficial in alleviating irritation on the scalp.
  • Prevents and treats cancer: there are some studies that suggest the chamomile tea may help in targeting the cancer cells or even prevent the cells from developing firstly.
  • Prevents osteoporosis: the chamomile extract is beneficial in stimulating the activities of the osteoblasts. Therefore, it is beneficial in increasing the bone density.
  • Manages diabetes: the chamomile tea is beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetes. Because it helps in lowering the blood sugar levels and regulate the amount of insulin in the blood.
  • Helps in reducing the menstrual pain: various studies state that the chamomile tea reduces the severity of the menstrual cramps. Furthermore, a study in 2010 found that the consumption of chamomile tea might reduce the pain of the menstrual cramps.
There is no denying that the chamomile is really beneficial for the health. Based on all the aforementioned health benefits and nutritional value that it possesses, we can say that it really is beneficial for the health! The next time that you want to improve your health and put it to the next level, use this! You will surely get a boost in the health!


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