The Proper Way On How To Tell You Have An STI To Someone


It is not the most comfortable among conversations. However, if you have been given a positive results from a sexual health checkup, you might need it tell any of your sexual partners –future, present, and even the past. This is for them to go, as well as get themselves tested as well. It is just natural to feel anxious, yet ultimately, it is a conversation that you need to face. In this article, you will get to learn the proper way on how to tell you have an STI to someone. Read on to learn more about it.

The Proper Way on How to Tell You Have an STI to Someone

If you want to be honest with what you are struggling with, read on through these steps on how to tell you have an STI.

Step 1: Get on top of your health.

When your STI checkup results is positive, the first thing that you need to do is to get yourself the proper treatments. Good thing, most of the sexually transmitted infections are curable. Further, the best thing that you do is to start the treatment as soon as possible.

Furthermore, for the infections that stay in the body like genital warts and HIV, there is a medication that helps in reducing the symptoms. Moreover, these help in managing the condition. Beginning the treatment for the condition will be beneficial in making you feel much calmer and feel more in control of the situation. Furthermore, this will just be beneficial if you go and break the news.

Step 2: Be ready to give information.

Right before you tell someone that they may have STI, you need to inform yourself regarding the infection first. Furthermore, you must know the symptoms and how it transmittable and the treatment options that they may use. Furthermore, the person is possible to ask for the information about the condition. It is better that you have enough knowledge so that you can reassure them.

If you are happy to tell what is the clinic you went to for checkup, as well as the experience in there, you need to give those details too. However, prepare some clinic testing details so that the person will know that they are not only left on their own with this  particular news.

Step 3: Try making it personal.

Generally speaking, if you are in a long-term relationship, it is good that you tell them head-on. Nonetheless, if you are with someone who is not a regular partner or just someone you had sex with, call them. Because, if you don’t really know them personally, you cannot be certain how they may react on the news. Moreover, if things go the wrong way, you will be able to end the conversation and keep yourself as safe as possible.

Personally, I don’t think texting the news is not a good idea. This is because it is partly easier to gauge the reaction of a person face-to-face. Furthermore, if you text someone, they are highly expected to just call you in anyway.

Step 4: Pick the right time.

You need to choose the perfect time to tell them. You need to be calm and feel in control about yourself. Further, try to tell them if they are possible to feel the same way as you. Furthermore, if you really know your partner and how they really are, you will be able to choose the right moment in doing this.

Step 5: Be straightforward.

It is so understandable that the other party might start blaming you automatically. However, you need to try not to get into the blaming conversation regarding who gave whom the infection. Partly, this is because it is not easy to know where the original infection is from. Try and stay as calm as possible. Furthermore, focus on the major details of getting the test.

Step 6: Follow up.

If you are in a relationship with the person or they are your regular partner, it is good that you ask them if they went to get a checkup. Further, this may be a bit tricky in one relationship if something like this occurs. Therefore, just to maintain the relationship, it is the best that you keep the conversation going. Moreover, for the casual partner, they might not want to speak with you again. However, as long as you already give the news from them, you have already done your part.

Step 7: If can’t do it head-on, text or call.

In case you are reluctant to telling them yourself, a lot of clinics have a sexual health advisor who may do it for your sake. Moreover, there is also an option for the clinic to doing it anonymously without even mentioning your name.

Furthermore, the sexual health clinic will also not give your information about the infection. Simply, they will just let the person know that they need to come and get tested. Furthermore, there are some clinics who use technology –they may send you the result through email, as well as text.

There you have it, these steps on how to tell you have an STI will be a great help  to you in properly telling your condition to someone!


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