Things That Might Happen When You’re Holding Pee For Too Long


Are you one of the many people who tend to hold their pee for a long time? Well, if you are, then this article will be a great reminder for you not to do it again. In this article, we are going to discuss the things that might happen when you’re holding pee for too long. Read on and get enlightened.

Holding Pee For Too Long: Is it normal?

In the actual fact, everyone holds in their pee every now and then. Actually, that is okay. However, just do not do it often, or else it might lead to some serious issues.

Peeing is very important. The kidneys filter the excess water and the waste out of the blood and that the urine wants somewhere to go –on the bladder. Usually, it will hold about 1 to 2 cups without any discomfort. However, if you make holding your pee for too long a habit, you may actually stretch the bladder in easily holding it even more.

Studies show, nurses who often held their pee for too long all day because of job constrictions had closely double the normal capacity of the bladder. These were completely fine. However, this does not mean that you will hold it in if you can help it. This is due to the fact that the bladder may not be the lone thing that needs some stretching.

Moreover, you may also stretch the external sphincter muscles. These muscles are necessary muscles that are connected outside the bladder, which are the gate-keepers of the pee. Clench them and you will get to hold your pee. Relax them and you will get to release all of them. Nevertheless, if you overstretch them, you may lose your control. This one case is rare and typically takes years and years of holding it too long in order to reach that particular point. However, once you do, it may lead to some dangerous, awkward situations.

Things That Might Happen When You’re Holding Pee for Too Long

Here are some of the most common things that might happen when you are holding pee for too long:

  1. The bladder might stretch out.

As what we have already mentioned above, the bladder is not going to blow up, yet it is undoubtedly going to get stretched to its own limits. One big side effect of the overstretched bladder? The body may begin to start missing the cues, which the bladder needs to empty. Furthermore, those messages that the brain sends to the body, which tells it that it needs to go to the bathroom and defecate are so important.

  1. Long-lasting pain.

The feeling that you get after you have been holding your pee for a long period of time and finally letting it go. This might sound a bit of a sweet relief –yet, maybe it is not. If you are holding it for too long, you may continue getting yourself hurt. Once the pain signals has already been triggered in the lower portion of the abdomen, the pain may not vanish. The muscles are clenching and are like in a spasm. Therefore, they are not capable of just relaxing on its own.

Moreover, the pain may last for days. There are a lot of people who come in with lower abdominal pain and think that there is something that’s seriously wrong. One thing that some professionals will look out for is if the person does have normal habits in their bladder. A lot of time, they do not. Well, that may cause the pain, which may stick around for a while.

  1. The pelvic floor may get weak.

If you are going to force your bladder is constantly carrying around a heavy urine for a long period of time, the muscles in the pelvic floor will begin to lose its own strength. Further, the pelvic floor muscles contract in a coordinated way in order to help in releasing or holding the pee. However, if you are constantly holding pee for too long, you may end up with some real dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles. As time passes, that may cause you in losing control of the bladder functions.

If you are just holding your pee every once in a while, don’t freak out. Remember, there is a huge difference in someone who holds pee once in a while and someone who does it all the time. Doing it from time to time is not going to cause huge problems.

  1. An accident.

As the bladder gets much fuller, there is a chance that you are not gonna make it in the bathroom in good time. Imagine that the bladder is like a water balloon, which is filling up. The longer you hold it off going into the bathroom, the heavier and bigger it gets. Furthermore, the muscles, which contract in keeping the bladder sealed may only withstand the pressure for a longer period before it starts to leak.


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