Treatments For Anorexia: Are These Effective?


Anorexia, as what some people say is a woman’s problem –in fact, 90 to 95 percent of the cases are female. However, the condition is now common to men as well. anorexia or the anorexia nervosa is a condition which may affect the overall health of the body in a dangerous way. Hence, having enough knowledge about it is very important. Furthermore, knowing deeper about this condition may help you or those you know to treat the condition well. Also, the treatments for anorexia is important to be able to combat the condition anywhere you are.

Moreover, the home remedies or treatments for anorexia include mint, warm water, grapes, garlic, lemon, orange juice, ginger, and apple. Know that anorexia is a very common condition, which may arise from a persistent digestive condition. The patients suffering from this condition, as a result, may suffer from loss of appetite and may be unable to maintain a proper diet. Furthermore, there may also be a general weakness and a has some trouble in sleeping as well.


Anorexia, as what professionals say is an eating disorder that at times may be life-threatening. This serious condition are often characterized by the excessive weight loss as well as self-starvation. Moreover, it is also known as a serious emotional and physical condition that causes an abnormal fear of getting fat, leading them to have poor eating habit and treacherous weight loss.

Actually, the key characteristic of anorexia is being tremendously underweight. Don’t get this statement wrong –this doesn’t necessarily mean that all individuals who are underweight all have anorexia. However, a certain person is not diagnosable with anorexia if he or she isn’t at a certain low weight.

Anorexia may affect the overall health of the body in a dangerous and dramatic way. The condition is caused by bad eating habits and is commonly developed or practiced by women desperately interested in reducing weight in a more extreme way. Even though extreme cases need medical assistance, anorexia may generally get eliminated with the use of some convenient and healthy home remedies.

Anorexia: Symptoms

The symptoms of anorexia include:

  • Overpowering of the importance of the general appearance and physical perfection.
  • Frequent disorders in the behavior, personality, and mood.
  • Lack of self-perception.
  • Having an obsession with the thoughts of food.
  • Having problems in interacting with some people.
  • The decrease in concentrating and focusing their attention.
  • Disruption in sleeping and having
  • Depression and social withdrawal.
  • Having fear of getting obese
  • Refusing to accept minimal body weight of other people.

Normally, the medical treatments of anorexia combine both outpatient care and hospitalization. There are times that the severe cases of the condition may lead to the organ dysfunction that may require immediate hospitalization. The main purpose of the regular treatments for anorexia is to prevent malnutrition. This is since malnutrition sometimes needs an intravenous feeding.

Some of the most common regular treatments are as follows:

  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Group therapy

Home Remedies and Treatments for Anorexia

Here are some of the most effective treatments for anorexia:

Pineapple. Regular consumption of pineapple may be beneficial in treating the condition. for sure, eating this in the morning may make your food cravings.

Massage. Having massages when there is a complication in the condition is a good thing to do. This relaxes their body and the mind as well.

Mint. Being a natural appetizer, mint is beneficial for consumption of about 2 spoonfuls early in the morning. This may help in increasing your hunger.

Warm water. Basically, this is one of the most basic remedies for the condition. however, this is unless if you’re digestive system isn’t that much cleaned. The warm water intake may help inn cleansing the digestive system.

Sour grapes. Aside from it helps in improving the appetite, it also helps in boosting the digestive health.

Garlic. This is one of the best home remedies of treatments for anorexia. Garlic helps in cleansing the system and increases the feeling of hunger. Moreover, it also helps in the secretion of the juices, which are beneficial in cleansing the digestive system.

Lemon. One of the greatest body system cleanser is lemon. This is beneficial in cleansing the system thoroughly. Furthermore, it also helps in making the body get back to its optimum health condition.

Ginger. The ginger is a hunger enhancer. Furthermore, it is also beneficial in miraculously treating upset stomach and also help in stimulating the appetite.

Apple. An apple a day helps in stimulating the surge of enzymes that digest protein –also known as pepsin. This is beneficial in digestion.

Some Final Thoughts

Anorexia truly is a disturbing health illness and an eating disorder –this is not just a simple thing or normal condition. Furthermore, having extra-precaution about the condition is very important. Not just to give your self a protection against anorexia, but also for the overall health.


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