What Are The Best Health Benefits Of Hoodia Gardonii?


Have you heard of the Hoodia Gardonii before? Well, actually, some say that it is a true gift from the mother nature. As a matter of fact, it is essential in promoting weight loss. The conditions like diabetes, obesity, and overweight have been affecting so many people over the past decades. This is what initiated the endless search for synthetic medicines, natural products, as well as diet plans, which may be beneficial to those who are sick. Hoodia Gardonii is actually one of the most promising discoveries in this particular endless search. Well, the health benefits of Hoodia Gardonii does not stop in weight loss –there is more to it than meets the eye. Read on to this article and explore what Hoodia Gardonii really is, what available forms it has, its wide range of uses, as well as the reason on why it is popular!

What is Hoodia Gardonii?

Hoodia Gardonii is actually a fleshy, cactus-like, succulent, plant that is part of the Asclepiad plant family. This particular plant family is in fact, an inhabitant in the Kalahari Desert in various regions of Africa. Amongst various varieties of the plant, the Hoodia Gardonii is actually the most famous as the extracts coming from it help in suppressing hunger. Not just that, it also effectively helps in reducing the fat percentage and the weight. Furthermore, Hoodia Gardonii is available in the market in various forms, including diet supplements, chews, complexes, juice, capsules, pills, as well as lollipops.

The unprocessed Hoodia Gardonii may cause some side effects, like liver problems and dry mouth. The plant once grew naturally and plentifully in various regions in Africa. Moreover, the wild Hoodia Gardonii has now become an erratic sight in there due to exploitation, because of the unearthing of its appetite-suppressing prowess.

Moreover, a lot of people think that Hoodia Gardonii is a variety of cactus. However, it is not at all a cactus. All the plants that have fleshy and spongy leaves, which bear thorns are not cactus. The Hoodia Gardonii forms an integral part of a lot of weight loss drugs because of its amazing appetite-overwhelming properties.

Availability of Hoodia Gardonii in Markets

Most of the Hoodia Gardonii that is available in the market isn’t the natural. Rather, it is the variety of Hoodia Gardonii that grows commercially, and comes from various parts of the world. Even though this is the case, it doesn’t make any difference at all. Due to the fact that the amazing properties of the Hoodia Gardonii stay nearly the same, not including the commercially grown ones, you can find some traces of the artificial fertilizers. If you don’t have any interest on that, make certain that you buy a genuine African variety of Hoodia Gardonii

Hoodia Gardonii as an Appetite Suppressant

The Hoodia Gardonii is so beneficial for those who want to lose weight and look slimmer. It does this through its chemical composition that resembles with the glucose or acts as pseudo-Glucose. However, it is much more powerful than the glucose in the glucose-like behavior. They transmit brain signals that the stomach is actually full and the body doesn’t want any more food.

When it is absorbed in the body, the body will think that it has already got some high-energy giving food and then gives the brain a particular chemical message that contains that information. In turn, the brain immediately rings the body, thus giving various instructions to stop eating. This is what kills the appetite, thus keeping the body unfed so that it uses its fat storage in order to meet the energy requirements. The result of this is that, there is no energy consumed under the façade of foods high in energy. Furthermore, the store fat of the body is burnt, thus helping you to lose weight.

Health Benefits of Hoodia Gardonii Products

Because of the irresistible demand of the Hoodia Gardonii, a lot of laboratories and companies came up with capsules, pills, supplement. As well as some other products, which contain the Hoodia Gardonii. Here are some of the products with Hoodia Gardonii, as well as the health benefits of Hoodia Gardonii in them.

  • Hoodia 57. This is a Hoodia Gardonii-based drug that is believed to be the most powerful and safest among the hoodia-based drugs. This particular drug actually helps stimulate you to drink water.
  • Hoodia Dex-L10 Gordonii. This is a whole range of dietary supplement, which functions as an appetite suppressant.
  • Hoodia Pops. This is a great deal if you want to enjoy the health benefits of Hoodia Gardonii, like losing weight, just by licking a lollipop. This lollipop actually helps in losing weight in two different ways. One, it helps in losing weight because of the presence of Hoodia Gardonii in them, which kills the appetite. And two, they keep the mouth engaged so that you will not think about eating.
  • Hoodia complex. This is a medical composition, which includes Hoodia Gardonii together with some other herbs. This is meant to suppress the hunger or the appetite while revitalizing the body.
  • Hoodia supplements. These are dietary supplements, which mainly contain Hoodia Gardonii, together with some other ingredients, which are essential in losing weight. They are beneficial in losing the appetite.


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