What Are The Different Ways On How To Delay Ejaculation?


It may happen to each and every guy at some point –there you are doing throes of passion and then suddenly it is all over before you even start. That’s a total mess. There are actually a lot of reasons why you could not last as long in bed as you would like. Nevertheless, a good thing, there are some ways on how to delay ejaculation. Give this article a read and get to learn more about it.

Ejaculating too early: Is it common?

Ejaculating or coming too quickly is so common. Furthermore, a ratio of one in three of all men is actually dealing with some kind of premature ejaculation. One study actually suggests that out of the 1,200 male participants, approximately 30% felt that they finished ejaculating too quickly during a sexual intercourse and were actually dissatisfied on how long they have actually lasted.

Some relationship and sex expert would agree that it is a common issue, and one major sexual anxiety of men to ejaculate too early. Furthermore, it is also one of the major sexual anxieties of men. They even say that men have no idea that a lot of guys ejaculate within just two minutes of penetration and a lot more just last for four minutes.

Reasons for Early Ejaculation       

There are a lot of reasons on why a man could not last in bed as long as he wants. At some point, most men experience this particular feeling. They might be suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, stress, or performance anxiety.

  • Erectile Dysfunction: The premature ejaculation is actually not the only thing that may affect the duration of a man. ED is when you are not able to achieve or even maintain your erection enough for sex. This may include losing the erection throughout the sex.
  • Premature Ejaculation: The premature ejaculation is one of the most common problems that affect most of the men at some time. Typically, it involves sex that lasts less than two minutes before the ejaculation. Nevertheless, if both parties are fulfilled and happy, there ’s nothing to worry about. On average, men are way more possible to experience this than women.
  • Performance Anxiety: If you are worried about how long you will last in bed, you might be suffering from performance anxiety. Practically, every man will be experiencing some kind of performance anxiety. Typically it is just nothing to worry about. However, sometimes this anxiety may develop to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Ways on How to Delay Ejaculation

Here are some ways on how to delay ejaculation:

  • Take Viagra.

It is okay to take Viagra if you want to delay ejaculation. However, it shouldn’t be the only one solution you will take. This is mainly because it is not really that practical to use it. It also does not address the underlying issue at all. Some people actually find it beneficial in getting over the initial worry and maybe what’s essential in giving a boost. However, it is still important to treat the condition as a whole and not just the symptoms of it.

  • Practice doing female-intensive foreplay.

Sex does not always need to have equal penetration. Therefore, focus more on the female-focused kind of foreplay. A lot of women want this anyway. You may focus on the other ways of being intimate with someone else. There is no rule in saying they need to have a penetrative type of sex.

  • Do not feel rushed in having sex with a new partner.

A lot of men worry about dating a new one and do not want to have the embarrassment of ejaculating too quickly. If you are really worried and do not feel that you can trust that new person, question if you really want to have sex or not.

  • Masturbate more.

Masturbating more may work both against and for you with the premature ejaculation. Do it before your sex session and you will last longer with your partner if you will have sex later. The chances are; your own orgasm will not be that much intense.

  • Wear a condom.

Condoms may also help in delaying the process of ejaculation as it adds to the layer of friction. Even with the thinnest condom, the sensation may reduce a bit. This allows to men to last a bit longer.

  • Delay sprays.

Numbing sprays and creams relieve premature ejaculation temporarily. They may cause a temporary numbness that may delay the ejaculation and allow for a much longer-lasting sexual experience.

  • Try controlling your orgasm.

Men may get better in controlling arousal by pinpointing the personal point of no return, as well as learning how to stay just below that during the sexual intercourse. They then buildup again to the climax and refrain once more. Doing this in a regular manner allows men to gain a much better control of the orgasm and last much longer in bed.

  • Find the position that works on you.

There are positions, just like spooning, which help men last longer. You can lie side-by-side with the woman in front. Allow the man in entering the woman from behind. Rock gently together ‘til you both reach the climax.


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