What Are The Most Surprising Benefits Of Sex?


First and foremost, what you are going to read is mainly for adults. So if you are a minor, find something else to read, this article is not for you. In this article, we are going to discuss the amazing health benefits of sex. Well, even though it is not that usual to know, there really are a lot of benefits that come with sex. Give this article if you want to learn more about it!

Importance of Sex

Sex is actually an important part of our life. Aside from the importance of it in reproduction, it may also be about intimacy and pleasure. Doing sexual intercourse may actually offer lots and lots of amazing benefits to a lot of aspects of life. This includes physical, social, intellectual, psychological, and physical aspects. Moreover, sexual health status is way more than just the avoidance of conditions and some unwanted pregnancies.

One study suggests that sex can be a great cardiovascular health exercise in young men and women. However, sex isn’t a sufficient workout on its own. In fact, it may only be considered as a light kind of workout.

Other than that, sex may also be important in:

  • Lowering the blood pressure levels
  • Increasing the heart health status
  • Reducing stroke, heart disease, and hypertension risk
  • Burns calories
  • Makes the muscles much stronger
  • Increasing libido

Furthermore, people who engage themselves in vigorous sex lives tend to exercise more and have better dietary practices than those who are lesser active. Not only that, physical fitness may also get improved through the overall sexual performance.

Benefits of Sex

Here are some of the surprising health benefits of sex:

  • Gives the brain a boost.

If you want a bit boost in your brain power, go hop in bed! One study suggests that sexually active adults perform much better in visual tests and verbal fluency. This is in comparison to those who were not sexually active. Perhaps, this is all because of the release of oxytocin and dopamine. Both of these have a link in the improvement of the cognitive function.

  • Effective in making you look younger.

Studies show that sexually active persons look up to about seven years younger than those who are not having sex with a partner 2-3 times every week. Having sex helps in releasing endorphins during sexual intercourse that help boost blood circulation and reduce stress. It is also essential in releasing the HGH that may promote the elasticity of the skin.

  • Helps to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Even though you find it stressful and tiresome, sex after work is actually beneficial. In the actual fact, sex can do a lot of wonder to the overall mental health. Having a skin-to-skin contact may help in releasing the cuddle hormone or the oxytocin that may reduce the anxiety and promote the feelings of closeness. Sex may help in feeling more connected and relaxed.

  • Non-fertile days’ sex may boost the chances of getting pregnant.

Even though this one is already obvious, trying to get pregnant, research suggests, it is important to have sex on days that you are not yet fertile. Research shows that since sex is beneficial in strengthening women’s immunity, it helps create conditions in the uterus, which are more hospitable to the growing embryo.

  • Aids in making you fall asleep better.

A mixture of prolactin hormone and endorphins, which are released during a sexual intercourse, while having an orgasm, works well in whisking away to the dreamland. These particular hormones help relax the body and mind. They also create an environment that is free of tense, which promotes better sleep.

  • Acts as a natural pain reliever.

The intense pleasure feeling you get during sex may help in obviating the need for painkillers. Orgasms are beneficial in the reduction of pain. If you are to track your menstrual cycles, and prone to PMS, to have an orgasm before the menstrual period comes might be a great preventive care.

  • Sex helps in improving the immunity.

If you experience feeling cold coming on, one best thing to do is propositioning your partner for a bit action. Researchers show that women who have active sex life have higher antibodies, which help in fending off conditions. Sex makes the immune system stronger, fighting various common conditions like colds. Furthermore, sex also helps in lowering blood pressure levels and lowers the risk of heart diseases.

  • Gives a great workout.

A study shows that engaging in a vigorous sex is essential as a workout. In fact, one study, they published that women burned an average of about 69.1 calories after sex for about 20 minutes. Sexual intercourse can be a great workout and may count as such for their daily regimen.


A lot of people love having sex just because of the satisfaction, enjoyment, and pleasure it gives. However, the abovementioned benefits of sex are the proofs that there is more to it than a pleasure provider. It does a lot of wonders for your health!


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