What Are The Possible Reasons For The Low Libido In Women?


For women, talking about sex drives is still rather off-limits. Ever since the introduction of Viagra, the male sexual function and sexual drives has already become a more frequent topic in both the popular media, as well as in the medical consultations. This is mainly because there are some answers that these can offer. However, as that isn’t the similar case for women, it’s kept on being a silent issue for so many. The result, it is even hard to estimate a particular figure on how many gets affected by it. Low libido in women may have a lot of causes and these are wide-stretching.

Furthermore, this is perhaps a reflection as to what makes up the libido of a woman. In the first place, it’s a compound relationship of physiological and psychological factors. Therefore, often it goes wrong, it may be a combination of several factors. This is instead of just one with one clear solution. Generally, the issues may be broken down in three different areas, yet there might be much overlay.

Low Libido in Women: Symptoms

If the lack of interest or low sexual desire lasts or returns and may cause some personal distress, you might have a condition that they call, HSDD or hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Nevertheless, you don’t need to meet this particular medical condition just to seek some help.

If you really want to have sex less often than your partner does, neither one of you is significantly outside the norm for those at that particular stage of your life. This is even though your own differences might cause some distress.

Correspondingly, even when your sex drive is weaker than it was, your own relationship might be much stronger than ever. The bottom line in here is that, there is really no magic number that defines the low sex drive. It just vary from a women to another.

The signs of low libido in women include:

  • Being so concerned by the lack of sexual fantasies and activities.
  • Only seldom or never having of sexual thoughts and fantasies.
  • Have no interests in whatever type of sexual activities, just like masturbation.

Reasons for the Low Libido in Women

Here are the top three reasons as to why the low sexual drive in women happen:


The biological aspects of the libido of women is so much on the hormonal control. In fact, the progesterone and estrogen of female play an important role. Not only that, the imbalance of these may have a noteworthy effects on the libido. The disruption may occur with any changes that may happen in the hormones.

The loss of libido in women might affect about 15% of the menopausal women. This also means that the libido may easily get affected by the hormonal medicines. Well, the most notable ones is the contraceptive pill. Nonetheless, there are some other hormonal contraceptives like implants and progesterone injections that may affect the hormonal balance.

Anxiety and Stress

It’s so easy to appreciate that when you’re feeling so stressful, or down, jumping into the bed will not be a priority. Low level of anxiety, hectic family life, and job stress may all affect the libido in a woman, specifically as they come with the feeling of fatigue with no physical or mental energy for a thing. This includes the enjoyable things.

The motivation of a person might get affected by worries and stress. This includes the motivation in doing the normal things like sex. When people are suffering from stress o anxious, their thoughts has the tendency to race, specifically at night. Furthermore, it might be so hard to overcome that in order to get in the mood for something else.

Physical Causes

Just as the fairly expected hormonal and psychological causes of low libido in women, it may also happen a bit unexpected for some women. For instance, libido may get affected ominously as a result of a medication. The libido might get lower as well when certain medical conditions like thyroid diseases occur.

Possible Treatment Options

With this kind of possible causes, it is actually of no surprise that the low libido in female is quite hard to treat. Furthermore, the most concrete improvements happen when the cause of it is already gone. Some example of which is treating mental health conditions or changing contraceptive pills.

Even so, you will need to get prepared for the fact that it might not be simply just a single issue and treatment might result in just a partial recovery. The same as in treating some underlying causes, psychosexual counseling may be essential too.

Another possible treatment for such is the testosterone therapy. This is increasing in popularity now, especially in treating the loss of the sexual drive of women. Sadly though, it is currently an off-license prescription. Meaning, there is no standard treatment for it. Therefore, it needs to have a prescription before using.

Since the issue is becoming more and more rampant, there is a need for us to learn more about it. Good thing you are here!


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