What Are The Things Gynecologist Wants You To Stop Doing?


One of the general rules of a gynecologist office is to avoid any judgment. Gynecologist’s office must be a place where you can talk about various things that you are so embarrassed to talk about with some other people. However, still, there are some common mistakes, which doctors see over and over. Further, these mistakes may keep patients from acquiring the best possible care there is. In this article, we are going to discuss the different things gynecologist wants you to stop doing.

But first, let us know further who or what gynecologists are. Read on and learn more!

Gynecologists: Who really they are?

Gynecologists are the doctors who specialize in the health of women. They focus mainly on the female reproductive system.

Furthermore, they deal with a wide array of issues. These include hormone disorders, sexually transmitted infections. Fertility and menstruation issues, childbirth, pregnancy, and obstetrics, among others. A qualified professional gynecologist has at least 8 years of training and must be certified by an examining body. A gynecologist must also be registered by one professional organization.

There are some things gynecologist wants you to stop doing. Keep on scrolling through this article and get to know these things

Things Gynecologist wants you to Stop Doing     

Here are the things that one gynecologist wants you to stop doing:

  1. Canceling your check-up due to period.

Firstly, it is so hard to get scheduled for a gynecologist office. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you get your period on the day of your appointment, you are already allowed to cancel your check-up. it is fine to come anyway even though you have your period. Furthermore, if you have an irregular period, there is no guarantee that you will be free of the period when it is the time for your next period. That may create a catch-22, wherein you are not getting the help for your condition as you cannot schedule for a visit on your irregular period.

  1. Slacking on safe sex.

It may feel a bit awkward asking on birth control and getting a protection for yourself against STDs and/or STIs. However, remember that your gynecologist will talk about this stuff the whole day. He/she may also give you a rundown of the options and help you in choosing the most suitable for you. One friendly reminder, she would prefer you to do all that before even doing the said deed. The best thing is that, although it makes people anxious, is seeing a gynecologist before having your first sex, thus making you so sure of getting well-protected from STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

  1. Putting up with bad PMS.

Earnestly, do not suck it all up. if you are having severe cramps, your doctor or gynecologist would want to hear about it so he/she can provide you the help you need. People must not suffer from it every single month. There are so many things that you can do about it, so you must certainly get an evaluation.

  1. Waiting out a urinary tract infection.

If you experience indicative symptoms of urinary tract infection, do not waste time in treating it with some home remedies. A urinary tract infection may go to the kidneys, so it must be urgent.

  1. Worrying about your grooming habits.

Your gynecologist could not care less whether you have a natural wilderness, Brazilian wax, or something in between. This does not make any difference at all. A doctor is there not to put any judgments on you.

  1. Believing in female hygiene hype.

Step away from products that promise in making the ladybits smell like a field of flowers. In the actual fact, the douches are associated with much higher rates of inflammatory disease in the pelvis. It is recommendable that one must avoid the use of douches. Further, feminine deodorant sprays may also cause an allergic reaction or irritation. They may also create a certain imbalance in the vaginal chemistry.

  1. Clamming up at the checkup.

It is a given fact that it is awkward to chat about your own vagina with someone you don’t really know. However, bear in mind that your gynecologist certainly, positively will not be weirded out by whatever you say. The important thing here is that you will be honest to him or her and let them know everything that is happening to you. Rather than leaving some questions in your head. If you have something embarrassing to ask about, you can write it down and bring it to your doctor.

  1. Being so nervous about scheduling an appointment.

It is normal to get a bit nervous, yet do not let that anxiousness stop you from scheduling an appointment or making a call to the office. If you do not have any regular doctor, you can ask a family or friend for some recommendations and suggestions.


There you have it, the things gynecologists want you to stop doing. So, if you decided to schedule an appointment, you now know what you should not do!


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