What Are The Things That Can Stop The Pill Working?


The mixed contraceptive pill is above 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, especially if taken properly. However, what a lot of people aren’t aware of is that several things, from food to medications, might make it lesser effective. There are lots of things that can stop the pill working.

In the actual fact, in 2016, The Sun reported that modafinil, a medication popular to students in aiding contraception, might cause an upsurge in the pregnancies as it inhibits the pill. In the actual fact, modafinil acts on a particular enzyme, which enhance the rate in which the contraceptive hormones are being metabolized, thus reducing the effectiveness of the synthetic hormones in the contraceptives like the pill.

Furthermore, the drug that is commonly referred to as the brain Viagra is just available on prescription for sleeping disorders, yet a growing number of young people are buying pills online in order to help them in staying awake and enhancing their memory as they revise.

However, these are not the only medications we take, which may affect the proper functioning of the pill. Below are some things that can stop the pill working. Continue reading on to learn more!

Things That Can Stop the Pill Working

Here are some things that can stop the pill working:

  1. Storage of the Pill.

Extreme cold of heat may lower the effectiveness of a lot of medications, just like the Pill. In order for you to be on the safe side, keep your own packet of medicine out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. Further, it is also important to check the expiration date of it.

  1. Being forgetful.

Conceivably as you would have thought, the biggest reason for the failure of birth control is when a woman forget to take them every day. Forgetting to take one pill does not really mean that you are going to get pregnant, yet it increases the chances, specifically if it is the first active pill in the pack.

If you suddenly miss a pill, take it as soon as you remember. However, if you miss more than two pills, you must not have sex seven days after.

A lot of women actually find setting an alarm beneficial in remembering to take the pill at the same time every single day.

In case you have missed one pill,

  • Continue to take the rest of the pack normally.
  • Take the last pill that you missed taking.
  • In case you missed the first pill on a new pack and had sex that day, talk to your pharmacist about some emergency contraception drugs.

In case you missed two pills,

  • Use additional method of contraception for the following week.
  • Continue to take the rest of the pack normally.
  • In case you missed the pills and had sex in the previous seven days, talk to your pharmacist about some emergency contraception drugs or talk to your GP.
  1. Throwing up.

This is actually a common risk, if you are throwing up or having diarrhea, it is better to use some backup methods of contraception. In case you experience severe diarrhea, which keeps on going for more than 24 hours, it might make the pill lesser effective. You need to keep taking the pill every day that you have diarrhea.

  1. The intake of some herbal remedies.

The St. John’s wort is an herbal medicine, which helps in treating mild depression. However, it must be used with proper caution, especially by those who use contraceptive pills. Furthermore, St. John’s wort may cause oral contraceptives to break down on the body more efficiently. This may reduce the active levels of the medicines in the blood and may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine itself.

  1. The use of laxatives.

Any kind of laxative may affect the effectiveness of the pill. If you are having some stomach troubles, it is the best that you use some other method of contraception for the following days.

  1. Detoxifying tea.

Bootea or the detox tea has become so popular in 2016. This is because a lot of women who regularly consume it become pregnant because of the laxative effect it possesses. If you still want to try this beverage, make sure to have a backup method of contraceptive for assurance.

  1. Some antibiotics.

Most of the antibiotics must not cause the pill to be lesser effective. However, family planning points out that there are actually 2 rarely-used antibiotics, which may seriously affect the effectiveness of the pill. For so many years, doctors think about all the antibiotics being less effective. However, recently, it has become clear that the ordinary antibiotics are most probable to affect it.

For instance, antibiotics like rifabutin and rifampicin can reduce the effectiveness of the combined pill. However, if you have any doubt, use some other method of contraception while taking these antibiotics. Better, seek some professional advice from a sexual health clinic.

Moreover, medications that are used in treating epilepsy and HIV may also reduce the effectiveness of the combined pills, thus, check your doctor for these condtions.


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