What Are The Top Things Women Worry About During Sex?


Most women have insecurities, which cannot just be quieted. These fears regarding ourselves may frequently follow us in the bed. It is just natural to have some sexual hang-ups, but stressing, instead of sighing is a huge killer of passion. In this article, we are going to discuss about the top things women worry about during sex. Read on to learn more.

Worrying About Sex: Normal or not?

We, people stress over jobs, relationships, finances, and friendships. Unluckily, even bedrooms may become a breeding ground for anxiety. Even though some say that sex may be one of the most pleasurable and effective forms of stress relief, it may also be a major source of insecurity for some women. The sexual performance anxiety is not just limited to men, and if the sex life is not as mind-blowing as it was before, it is possible that your worries are already getting on their way.

STD anguishes, orgasm hindrances, and body image issues are just some of the many concerns, which may keep women from letting go and enjoying their time in between the sheets. If you are suspecting that your anxiety regarding sex may be preventing you from optimizing the pleasure, it may be worth taking a look at some of the sexual insecurities of yours. Below are some of the things women worry about sex. Keep on scrolling to know them all!

Things Women Worry About During Sex

Here are some things that women worry about during sex:

  1. Turning on to things they don’t actually want.

In spite the wealth of research that has been done on this particular subject, there are lots of aspects on the female libido that aren’t still clear to us. What we know is that the capacity of a woman for arousal is usually far more fluid than man’s. In a study in 2009, men and women were shown a variety of sexual activity clips, and they found out that although straight men got aroused by the lesbian and heterosexual sex, women were actually more aroused through the board. The conclusion here is that, when it comes to sex, the minds and the bodies are often in disagreement.

  1. I am not having sex right now.

When it seems like everyone else is having multiple orgasms and doing it on public bathrooms while you are stuck in your sexual limbo –you must think again. If you are going through some kind of a dry spell, try to remember that when spring unavoidably comes again, having a break will mean that you have a much better understanding about your relationship and sexual needs.

  1. Sexually transmitted disease may ruin my sex life.

Finding out that you have a sexually transmitted disease is so hard. However, it is not a death sentence for your sex life. About 80% of sexually-active singles may contract human papillomavirus at some point in life. Further, about 1 in 4 adults in New York has genital herpes. Your own STD may feel like something to worry about, but the stigma around the conditions is fading. If you are nervous about telling your partner about your own situation, try a dating site that is exclusive for individuals who have STDs.

  1. I have had a lot of sexual partners.

If you are suffering from a lack of sexual desire, you are not alone. A survey in 2008 of more than 30000 women have increasing numbers of women who have sexual problems. This includes 10% of women ages 18-44 who reported about low sexual desire. You must bear in mind that it is not your fault. Having low libido might be the result of some forms of birth control, taking antidepressants, or lack of sleep.

  1. Sex with my partner will get boring eventually.

In contrast to the popular belief, married couples report having more regular sex and much higher satisfaction than those who are single. As with many married couples can tell, sex within a committed relationship does not need to be monotonous. In the actual fact, it nay be the best kind of sex.

  1. I am bad at sex.

Mediocre sex is actually no fun for anyone who are involved with it. However, before you start rebuking yourself for lack of sexual powers, take not that a good sex has something to do with how committed two people are in giving each other pleasure, rather than how advanced their moves are. This is one of the most common things that women worry about during sex.

  1. I don’t have a normal vagina.

Just like negative body image, worrying that your vagina are not that attractive may also undermine the sexual confidence seriously. Furthermore, it also leads a lot of women to undergo some surgical procedures in order to attain a much desirable vagina.

  1. I cannot orgasm from sexual intercourse.

The inability to orgasm is the most universal worry of women in sex. Recent studies suggest that about 75% of women cannot orgasm via penetrative sex, and about 10-15% cannot orgasm under some other circumstances. Further, in the actual fact, just recently, the absolute existence of the vaginal orgasm was actually questioned.


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