What Are The Wrong Myths About Emergency Contraception?


Having enough knowledge about emergency contraception is important for those who want to enjoy sex that is free of any worries. Nevertheless, it may often be hard to separate some facts from various unsupportive fiction. In this article, we will be discussed further about emergency contraception. Not only that, but we will also include some of the most common myths about emergency contraception that you must stop believing. Give this article a read and get to learn more about it!

Emergency Contraception: What is this?

Emergency contraception actually refers to different methods of contraception, which may be beneficial in the prevention of pregnancy after having a sexual intercourse. Furthermore, these are suggested for use in a matter of 5 days. Nevertheless, they are more effective if you use them the sooner after having sex.

Moreover, emergency contraceptive pills help in preventing pregnancy by way of preventing or delaying the ovulation and don’t induce any type of abortion. The IUD contraceptives help in preventing the fertilization through causing some chemical change in the egg and sperm before they get to meet. The emergency contraception can’t interrupt a proven pregnancy or even harm the developing embryo.

A girl or a woman who are in their productive age may need this emergency contraception in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Furthermore, there are no outright medical contraindications to emergency contraception use. There are also no age limits for its use. The eligibility criteria for the general use of a copper IUD apply for the use of copper IUD for various emergency purposes as well.

Methods of Emergency Contraception

There are 4 different methods of emergency contraception:

  • Copper-Bearing IUD
  • Combined oral contraceptive pills
  • ECPs with LNG
  • ECPs with UPA

Myths about Emergency Contraception That You Must Stop Believing

Here are some of the myths about emergency contraception that you must stop believing:

  • The morning after pill is hard to get or find.

There are all kinds of channels, in which you can access the emergency contraception. This includes buying it directly from the pharmacy, walk-in center, or a sexual health clinic. Furthermore, it is also possible that you can order the morning after pill on the internet. Even though research suggests that just 7% of women are actually aware of this. All you need to do is to complete an assortment of health-related question on pharmacy websites in order to make sure the medication is really suitable for you.

Ordering an emergency contraceptive pill in advance may allow you to have the provision to hand in the medicine cabinet. This just means that you can take it as soon as you have it. Nevertheless, if you notice some changes in your general health while taking it, ask some advice from the pharmacist before taking it.

  • Emergency contraception comes with a lot of side effects.

All medications come with possible side effects. However, that does not necessarily mean that everyone will experience them in the very exact same way. Some of the most common side effects may include nausea, headache, painful periods, and stomach pain. Furthermore, women sometimes experience some delay in periods. If this occurs, you must try taking a pregnancy test or speak to a doctor. If you happen to become within the first three hours of taking the pill, you will need to go back to the pharmacy where you bought your medicine and take another one quickly.

  • The morning after pill affects the fertility.

There is no clear evidence that taking the morning pill, even multiple times, will affect the fertility or reduce the chances of being pregnant in the near future. Furthermore, it also doesn’t work by way of causing an abortion or an emergency period.

The pill actually works by way of delaying or inhibiting the release of eggs. This just means that the sperm in the fallopian tube will not be able to meet the egg and fertilize it. This is actually the same as the regular contraceptive pills that also work by way of preventing the release of the egg.

  • You can only use emergency contraception the morning after unprotected sex.

The term ‘morning after pill’, maybe so deceiving, since you are supposed to use the emergency contraception as soon as possible after you have an unprotected sex.

Nevertheless, there is a variation in the timescale. In fact, it depends on what kind of emergency contraception you are taking. You may take levonorgestrel pills in 72 hours of unprotected sex. On the other hand, the ulipristal acetate pills may also be used in 120 hours. Moreover, the emergency IUD may also be inserted about up to 5 days after having an unprotected sex.

  • There is only one method of emergency contraception.

This is wrong –this is one of the myths about emergency contraception that you must stop believing. In the actual fact, there are two different forms of emergency contraception. These may be beneficial in preventing pregnancy after having an unprotected sex. These include the mooring after pill and the emergency IUD.

You need to speak to your health care provider on the different options there is. As well as the differences in the effectiveness to make sure that you are able to make a well-informed decision basing on what is the most appropriate for you.


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