What Happens When You Stop Taking Pills?


It is estimated to be the most famous method of contraception in the whole wide world. However, in a quick search in various search engines, there are still a lot of things that we don’t know about pills, most especially when we talk about coming off of it. In this article, we are going to discuss the what happens when you stop taking pills. Feel free to give this article a read and learn more about it!

The Pill: What is this?

The pill or contraceptive pills are an extremely great method of contraception. In the actual fact, about 100 million women from all over the world take it. The pill is actually a combination of two hormones, which is why it is often called the United pill or the COC –combined oral contraceptive.

The two different hormones in it are:

  • Progestogen
  • Estrogen

Well, actually, all of these are generally the same as the natural female hormones that are produced in the body. Unluckily, some are more likely to cause some side effects than the others. Furthermore, it is so important to go on a pill that has lower risk of causing any adverse side effects. Don’t choose what brands some people say –choose what your doctor prescribes you to take.

In today’s day and time, unbelievably there are more than 40 brands of pills in the whole United Kingdom. A lot of them are actually on the market, just mainly for commercial purposes, instead of the good of the health. Some of which certainly could not be described as low risk. Therefore, take a lot of precautions and care.

How quickly do you become fertile if you stop taking pills?

After a week of stopping taking the pill, the ovaries start to become active again, thus leading to the ovulation and the possibility of pregnancy. This just means you could be fertile even just seven days prior to stopping the intake of pills.

In the theory, once a woman stops taking her pills or misses more than a few pills, there’s no actual restriction on how soon she may get pregnant, as the fertility may come back quickly. The great thing here is that, if you are looking to conceive, yet not so great if you have just elapsed taking your pill.

What happens when you stop taking pills?       

Fundamentally, what happens when you stop taking pills is that the hormones are returning to the normal state. When stopping the combined oral contraceptive pill, the hormones go back to their own usual pattern. Furthermore, the woman begins to ovulate once more. All the changes to the womb, as well as the mucous return to their normal state.

However, there is a slight difference when it comes to the mini pill. In the actual fact, the mini pill prevents the pregnancy just by stiffening the mucus of the womb’s neck or the cervix. This is to stop the sperm from reaching the ovulation. If the mini pill gets halted, there will be changes in the mucus in the cervix, which are reversed. This is what makes it much easier for the sperm cells to reach the egg cell.

Other changes that you can expect…

The pill may be a good leveler, so you must expect to see some more changes in the moods and the hormones.

Furthermore, the pill has the tendency to make the hormonal fluctuations even out. Therefore, stopping it may lead to more and more vicissitudes. This is most likely to happen with acne, bloating, premenstrual mood swings, and heavier, more painful menstrual periods. However, on a more positive note, the ovulation will restart, thus leading to the increased libido, especially when it is in the mid-cycle.

What happens if you miss a pill, yet wants to stay protected?

If you miss taking a pill or forget to take it for quite a few days, you may still get protected. However, you still need to be careful because it takes seven days for the pill to wear off. This is the reason why the gap in between the packets is seven days and not any longer.

If this happens, you need to consider adding some other forms of protection. When it comes to knowing if the pill has already started to offer some protection again, the time may vary depending on the kind of pill you are using. It is the best that you speak to your doctor if you are not sure about this.

Better Forms of Contraception

If you take the pill properly, it’ll be 99.9% effective. However, problems may occur when you miss taking them or if you take them with some other medications. If you are not really sure on what pill is going to work for you, there are some other contraceptive choices available.

One of the best options for contraception is the contraceptive implant. This is essential for those who find it so hard to remember taking a pill every single day. There are some professionals who suggest that implant and IUD. Both of which must be inserted by a professional, yet you will not need to replace it for a few years.

The contraceptive injection can also be a good option that has a great effectiveness. However, this can just last for about 3 months.


So above are what happens when you stop taking pills. Be cautious enough and ask your doctor for assistance, and better knowledge.


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