What It Feels Like To Have A Sperm Test?


Your partner is still not getting pregnant after all the efforts in doing so. You know that there is a problem somewhere. In conclusion, after how many months of continually trying and denial, you decide to go and see your own GP. He or she will tell you that both you and your partner will need to do some fertility tests. This is to find out whether there is a physical reason why she is still not pregnant. For a woman, it is anything from blood examinations to as far as intrusive procedures. For a man, however, it is just a simple sperm test. However, just like many other things, this is not a simple test to do. In this article, we are going to discuss what it feels like to have a sperm test. Read on to learn more!

What It Feels Like To Have a Sperm Test: The Understated Language

You will get a small, sterile plastic pot from your GP. You will then be told to ‘do your own business.’ When you are already done, you will deliver your ‘sample’. Well, it is always the case, they always refer to it as ‘sample’ and ‘business’. Although it is obvious to all grown-ups what a bit of humiliation you will get in undergoing the process, not once you will get to hear phrases that may humiliate you more.

The Tight Time Limit                 

Until it is important to go down the fertility treatment method, you’re just a normal case of NHS that has a problem, which needs some medical investigation. That just means that the sperm sample will need to be brought to the nearest hospital, which has their own sperm-testing department. Nevertheless, most commonly, the hospitals will ask you to deliver the sperm samples between 9 AM to 11 AM. Nevertheless, this may vary from a hospital to another. This may not sound too irrational. However, the guiding rule is –they need to receive the sample within one hour prior to the deposit. Well, actually, 90 minutes is okay, they just want to get on the safe side.

That just means that you will need to get down to your ‘business’ so early in the morning. Furthermore, masturbation against the clock is a whole different type of masturbating. Unless you’re one of the few who is gifted enough to be able to ejaculate rapidly, you will be needing some sort of visual stimulus.

The Perilous Hand-Off

The reason for the promulgation of that particular rule of getting the sample to the hospital in an hour is to keep the sample alive and at something close to the body temperature. Some will advise you to put your sample in a chest pocket in order to keep it warm. One even suggests that you wrap it in a sock. Whatever you want to do with it, there will still be the feeling of anxiousness and embarrassment bringing it to the hospital.

The Underwhelming Reaction

In mind, you will think that you were transporting your genetic essence –a tiny sample of the real seed, which would eventually and hopefully create your offspring. What it feels like to have a sperm test? Well, you will feel a buzzing combination of triumph and relief.

Always remember that the sperm number or quality has absolutely nothing to do with the manhood or manliness, or all those kinds of rubbish, there is no need to worry about it.

The Results

Approximately a week after you deliver your samples, the results will be sent by a mail post. Sometimes, you may also receive it through the phone. You may find it a bit terrifying opening the letter. It almost feels like you are receiving the results that tell you exactly how masculine you really are. The result will either be normal or not. Well, you will actually not necessarily read in the letter ‘normal’. You will read the term ‘average’. Don’t get too nervous about this –they were actually average due to the fact that most people are average too. This just means that your results will be average too.

As what I have stated earlier, the sperm number or quality has nothing to do with the manhood, manliness, or all those kind of rubbish. There is no need for you to worry about it. Furthermore, the tests that your partner are way more unpleasant for her. Therefore, you need to try your hardest in bearing in your mind and show some punk as it were. Always remember as well, how your partner will go through her own processes or tests. Both of you are in this journey together.

So that’s it, you now have an insight as to what it feels like to have a sperm test. If you find this article essential and beneficial, let us know! If you want some more information about the said topic, there are lots and lots of these on the web, feel free to search!


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