What Semen Says About Your Health?


Even though it is probably the last thing that you are thinking about during ejaculation, the smell, consistency, and appearance of the semen can actually help you in keeping track of your own health. The ‘finished product’ just contain about 10% of sperm. The rest is comprised of fructose sugar, zinc, sodium, sodium, protein, calcium, vitamin C, and enzymes among others. All of these go a long way in telling you what is happing inside the body. In this article, we are going to discuss what semen says about your health. Give this article a read and learn a lot about this!

What Semen Says About Your Health: The Normal

Typically, semen is a grey or cloudy white fluid that has a jelly-like consistency and a smell that is like chlorine. Even though this may vary a bit fairly in every individual. Furthermore, semen is a complex liquid that has a bleach-like smell because of its content of alkaline substances. These are essential in enabling the sperms in combating the acidic nature of the female genital tract. About 200-500 million sperms are being released each ejaculation, yet this may also vary.

Furthermore, the average volume of semen that is produced in one ejaculation may vary from 2-5 milliliters –that is about a teaspoonful of fluid.

In case the semen has a brown or red appearance, it is maybe because of a burst blood vessel and, even though undoubtedly worrisome, it is typically nothing to worry about.

The blood in the semen or haematospermia is one of the most alarming for men. However, it is actually rare to happen since there is a serious underlying condition about it. The common causes of it may include the leak of blood from the fragile blood vessels in the storage areas of the semen or the vesicles.

In addition, this is actually common to happen. Within a day or two, the semen must return to its own normal color. Nevertheless, if the discoloration keeps on going for more than a few days, this can be a result of an infection, cancer, or trauma. If you happen to experience this, consult your GP right away.

When should you worry?

When the semen appear to be green or yellow in color, it may be an indication that there is something sinister happening. Most likely, you have acquired a sexually transmitted infection.

The incidence of a seminal infection may result in yellow-green semen, which smells and looks foul. This kind of infection must always be checked by specialists in order to determine or even to exclude whatever underlying there. Usually, a long course of antibiotics will be prescribed.

Some other symptoms of sexually transmitted infections in men may include blisters or sores on the penis, swelling, itching, and burning or pain during urination. Nevertheless, it is frequently the way of STIs, which they do not present any symptoms at all. Therefore, it is so important that you use a condom and get a regular check-up even your lower body department is not giving you any reason to worry about.

No Semen: What is this?

When a particular man reaches a sexual climax or orgasm but does not ejaculate, it is what they call dry orgasm. This may be an extremely unnerving situation. In most of the young men, it is actually not an issue. In fact, it is typically just a result of a repeated orgasm, wherein the genitals basically sun out of seminal fluid, thus causing no liquid production.

Nevertheless, in those who are in the middle age or older men, this may be a sign of retrograde ejaculation. As men age, the volume of the seminal fluid, as well as the power of ejaculation falling as the prostate gland enlarges slowly, causing a certain change in passing the urine because of obstruction.

Lifestyle’s Impact on the Sperm

The idiom, ‘you are what you eat’ really ring true when we are to talk about semen. In the actual fact, a study in 2014 suggests that men who has the lowest overall health score were most likely to have lower levels of sperm and semen quality.

That just means that it is not just the diet of a woman that’s important in trying to get pregnant. The maintenance of a healthy and balanced diet will also keep the sperm appear good, while the habitual consumption of alcohol may damage the quality of the sperm. Nevertheless, the good news is that, these effects are actually reversible. Hence, start to cut your alcohol consumption now!

In addition, research also shows that obesity may lower the quality, as well as the quantity of the sperm cells. Therefore, it is worth losing some weight in order to make a baby. Even though you are not significantly overweight, a healthy amount of exercise is a good idea. Especially to actively boost the fertility by way of increasing the sperm concentration.

It is truly important to know what semen says about your health. So, if you notice something wrong about the semen you are producing, don’t hesitate and ask your GP right away!


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