10 Most Interesting Facts About Rhythm Method Contraception


If you are in a sexually active person, you must have heard about the rhythm or calendar method. This is a method of birth control that denotes to the specific process in which a couple is planning when they’ll have sex based on the menstrual cycle of his partner. In this article, we will be discussing more rhythm method of contraception. If you want to learn about it and more, feel free to give this article a read.

Rhythm Method Contraception: What is this?

The rhythm method contraception or calendar method is a birth control process in which a couple is planning when they’ll be having a sexual intercourse basing on the partner’s menstrual cycle. Not only that, but it is also a method of avoiding an intercourse during the ovulation or the specific time that someone is most probable to get pregnant. In the actual fact, in Europe, it’s also what they sometimes call as the natural way of contraception. This is because it doesn’t rely on whatever external product there is, just like IUD or pills.

Furthermore, there are also a lot of some other ways on how to track the menstrual cycle. If you’re considering to try it or is already using it as your birth control, this article is the best for you to read. Here, we will include the fifteen facts about rhythm method contraception.

Facts about Rhythm Method Contraception            

Here are the 10 most interesting facts about rhythm method contraception:

  1. Most of the doctors will not suggest this birth control method.

Most of the doctors you will be asking for the best method of birth control will tell you that the rhythm method contraception is not the best one to opt to. If you are going to combine the shortage of sexually transmitted infection with the great risk of unsolicited pregnancy, this is not the most practical option to avoid pregnancy.

  1. Those who have polycystic ovarian syndrome are not recommended to try this.

According to some doctors, the use of this method of contraception is not recommendable for those who have polycystic ovarian syndrome. The same with those who are suffering from some other conditions, which causes irregular menstrual cycles.

  1. The best way in doing fertility awareness is combining temperature, calendar methods, and cervical mucus.

The combination of cervical mucus, temperature, and calendar methods or the symptothermal method is essential in being aware of the fertility of a couple. If you are going to try this, you are going to look at an effectiveness rating of 17%-88%.

  1. The calendar method is a ‘calendar method’.

Some couples use a real calendar in tracking the cycle, as well as predict the ovulation days. Furthermore, others also use the fertility or period application for tracking. Tracking the menstrual cycle for no less than 6 periods before the use of the calendar method is recommendable. This is essential in being as familiar as possible with the cycle you have, when you need to avoid sex, and when you ovulate.

  1. The cervical mucus method comprises of the discharge monitoring.

Around the time of ovulation, most of the women see an egg white-colored discharge in the underwear. Apart from looking for that, this particular method can mean checking the mucus every single day and tracking it through the chart.

  1. The temperature method of contraception may involve taking the temperature every morning.

This particular method of contraception only works if you are going to take the body’s basal temperature first thing in the morning before you get out of the bed. The ideology on this temperature method is that the body temperature somewhat rises during the ovulation, about 97 to 99 degrees.

  1. This does nothing in the prevention of STI.

The rhythm method contraception isn’t a barrier method, thus unlike the internal condoms and condoms, there is actually no protection against sexually transmitted infection with the fertility awareness.

  1. The sperm cell can live in the body for five straight days.

This particular fact is actually something that many people do not know. Not only that, it presents a certain risk if you ovulate days early a month. The sperm just necessitates being in the body for the pregnancy to take place throughout the ovulation. You do not need to have sex while you are ovulation, in order to get pregnant.

  1. The perfect use of it is hard to achieve.

One part of this method of contraception that makes it unreliable is that it actually depends not just on the diligent tracking of the cycle, but on the cycle being hugely regular as well. What isn’t constant for some people is actually the time from when the period starts until the ovulation. It might be two weeks, four weeks. Even the slightest changes in the day that you ovulate may throw the whole calendar off and may result in an unwanted pregnancy.

  1. It isn’t the same as the withdrawal method.

The withdrawal method is a practice in which a man withdraws his penis before the ejaculation takes place. The withdrawal and fertility awareness may be practiced altogether,. However, withdrawing before the ejaculation is not part of the deal technically.

That’s just 10 of the so many facts about rhythm method contraception that you need to know. I hope this article become a good help for you!


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