15 Best Office Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Hairs that are neither too long nor not too short is an ideal for all office going person. Maintaining a good office hairstyle is very necessary as it makes the office going person feel comfortable and respectable. The office is workplaces where you need to be professional as well as you need to spend at least 8 hours in the office. As a result, you have to keep in mind that you have to look professional as well as you have to be very comfortable. The following are some best haircut that every office going person can adopt for comfortable as well as professional looks:

1. The Sleek bun:

It is one of the most common and popular hairstyles for office going people. People having sleek bun hairstyle look very professional and are generally respected by fellow office staffs.  It is a perfect hairstyle for all office going persons.


2. Knotted half updo hairstyle:

This is another type of hairstyle which is a slightly casual. This type of hairstyle is very much suited to editors, journalist, managers, and designers. For keeping this style, it becomes necessary to tie half of the hair in a ponytail. The pony is used in order to create a knot and some persons like to hide the end of their hair under the pony with the help of bobby pin.

3. Wrapped Ponytail:

It is another popular hairstyle which is very popular among the girls. Most of the office going girls prefer to keep this hairstyle as it is comfortable as well as looks professional as well. It is also not difficult to maintain.

4. Creative braid:

This type of hairstyle is suitable for the people who are doing the creative job. This type of hairstyle looks very unique and classic. That is the reason why most of the young office going girls keep this hairstyle and are very comfortable with this hairstyle.

5. French Roll:

French roll is a very popular type of hairstyle in all over the world. The persons who are working in a formal office should keep this type of hairstyle. It gives amazing looks to everyone. It is also not too difficult to keep this hairstyle and maintain it.

6. Intricate office braid:

Another significant hairstyle that is very suitable for office going girls are intricate office braid. This type of hairstyle is mostly seen in persons working in the industry. Apart from that this type of hairstyle is also hugely seen by those persons who work as receptionists or persons who are hosting a restaurant. This hairstyle is a classic air stewardess hairstyle and it is like by everyone in the world.

7. Straight haircut:

Many women like to have a straight haircut. It looks very nice when a girl or woman has straight hair. Though it takes a little time to make hair straight, it gives a very professional look when a lady with a beautiful figure and looks comes to office with straight hair. Many women use to straighten their hair the previous night at their office so that they can save time in the morning. It looks very neat and tidy when a woman comes to office with straight hairs and it enhances the personality.

8. Easy Knotted Hairstyle:

This type of hairstyle is a little complicated but is a very popular French twist hairstyle.  It is very popular and is a simple haircut. Everybody knows the secret of this hairstyle and it looks very romantic when a woman keeps this hairstyle.

9. Fun daily hairstyle:

This hairstyle is meant for that office going women who like to wear western casuals. This hairstyle usually has a high pony and is a perfect hairstyle with all types of casual outfits such as kurtas and salwar kameezes.

10. Half-Up:

This is one of the best hairstyles that you will ever find. Everybody love to have long hair but it is very difficult to maintain the long hair. That is the reason all office going girls prefer to have medium or shorter haircut. The half-up hairstyle is thus very popular among the office going girls as it is easy to maintain and in this hairstyle, the office going girls can remain comfortable throughout the day. 

11. Twist and Braid:

It is one of the cutest hairstyles and is very popular in the office going, girls. With this hair hairstyle, the office going girls can braid as well as they can also twist their hairs. Thus the office going girls can master their haircuts and can make any type of style that will definitely suit their personality.

12. Wavy side bob:

Wavy side bob is another amazing hairstyle that will give you gorgeous looks and at the same time will help you to remain comfortable. The best thing is that you will not be required to brush your hair. Thus the office going girls can save their time by keeping this hairstyle. It is a perfect hairstyle for all office going girls and it looks very gorgeous when a woman comes to office with such a hairstyle.

13. Faux Pixie Cut:

Another fabulous haircut that everybody will like is faux pixie haircut. It not only gives a perfect look to the office going girls but also provides relaxation and is really very comfortable. All that you need to do is to use a lot of bobby pin to make it perfect.

14. Low Ponytail:

One of the favorite hairstyles that every girl especially office going women prefers this hairstyle. This hairstyle not only gives a sexy look to the girls but it is also very sleek.

15. Headband Bouffant:

Last but not the least is headband bouffant hairstyle. It is one of the finest hairstyles which will give the office going girls a retro bouffant looks. It is for sure that the boos of the office will be very impressive when a lady will keep this type of hairstyle as it provides an outstanding look and is very comfortable.


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