Amazing Health Benefits of Custard Apple

Custard apple is a subtropical fruit that grows on a small shed tree. It is known by different names worldwide. Usually, the fruit of the custard apple’s diameter measures about 8 centimeters. The taste of it is very delicious and sweet. The usual shape of it is uneven, spherical, round, heart shape, or irregular. Its flesh is creamy and is granular textured. But, aside from all of these, the health benefits of custard apple is the best that it can give.

What is Custard Apple?

As stated earlier, custard apple is a subtropical fruit that is widely known all over the world. Cherimoyas is what the native South American, West Indies, and some parts of Asia call it. The fruit s very softly and chewy when it gets ripe. Furthermore, it also has a hard exterior, and its flesh is white and has a very creamy consistency. Its pulp covers its black, shiny seeds. With its high calorie and natural sugar content, custard apple is great for dessert or snack.

Custard apple is consumable as it is or in the forms of smoothies, ice creams, shakes, or deserts. Furthermore, this mouthwatering fruit is an exceptional alternative to dairy products. This makes it suitable to those who are allergic to dairy products since it provides the same nutrition.

Nutritional Facts of Custard Apple

A hundred gram custard apple has the following nutrition values:

80-100 calories, 68 grams of protein, 0.5 grams of fat, 20 grams of carbohydrate, 0.9 grams of fiber, 17.6 milligrams of calcium, 14.7 milligrams of phosphorus, 0.42 milligrams of iron, 0.007 milligrams of carotene, 0.075 milligrams of thiamine, 0.086 milligrams of riboflavin, 0.528 milligrams of niacin, 15 milligrams of ascorbic acid, and 0.5 milligrams of nicotinic acid.

Medicinal Uses of Custard Apple

There are numerous medicinal benefits of custard apple. The flesh’s paste is helpful in treating abscesses, ulcers, and boils. Its parched creased parts are good in treating dysentery and diarrhea. Furthermore, eating custard helps in removing expectorants. The tree’s bark is helpful herbal medicines wince it has tannins and astringents. Moreover, the bark also is a good treatment for a toothache.

Types of Custard Apple

This amazing fruit has numerous types, here are some of which:

African Pride –this type of custard apple comes from a ten feet tall tree. It is usually heart in shape and has a relatively thick skin.

Geffner –this is an Israeli custard apple variety. Its taste is very delicious and exceptional.

Hillary White –has a relatively smooth skin and is just in the average size. Its taste is actually just like some other types of custard apple, sweet and creamy.

Pink Mammoth –this is actually a big custard apple with a very delicious taste. This is famous all over the world because it is big, delicious and has almost no seeds.

Late Gold –this is a custard apple with a golden-bronze color and has a relatively soft skin. It is mostly available in the Northern Rivers that’s why it is quite rare.

Health Benefits of Custard Apple

Here are some of the most amazing health benefits of custard apple:

Helps in refilling energy. The fruit is rich in nutrients and minerals that boost energy levels. Furthermore, it is also beneficial in combatting the effect of exhaustion and eliminates the weakness of muscles.

Helps in gaining weight. To those who want to gain weight in a natural and healthy way, custard apple is a good choice. The fruit is rich in calories and its sugar content makes the metabolic rate pep up, hence, causing the appetite to stimulate.

Helps in improving the brain health. The fruit is a good source of vitamin B complex, which is beneficial in improving the health of the brain. Furthermore, it also helps in calming down the tension, stress, depression, and irritability in the brain.

Helps inhibit cancer. The tannins and astringent properties in the custard apple bark help in treating various types of cancer and tumors. Its acetogenin and alkaloids help in reducing the risk of renal failure and cancer. It combats the cancer cells in the body without harming the healthy cells.

Helps improve the immune system. Since the fruit is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, it is beneficial in relieving inflammation and helps in boosting the immune system. A single serving of the fruit in the diet combats the free radicals in the system, inhibiting the occurrence of some diseases.

Helps prevent diabetes. The fiber content of the fruit slows down the sugar absorption of the body, hence, reducing the risk of diabetes.

Helps in improving the cardiovascular health. The sodium and potassium levels in custard apple are well balanced, hence, it regulates better levels of blood sugar. Moreover, it also helps in preventing the free radicals in the system from confronting the lipids, stimulating heart health.


Custard apple truly is a good addition to any diet plan. Aside from it is delicious and mouthwatering, the health benefits of custard apple are also oozing and really are amazing. So, if you want a healthy addition to your diet, try custard apple and see the positive effects on your body for just a short period of time.


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