Benefits of Calendula Herbs: Health, Skin and Hair

Sometimes we praise the beauty of a plant without knowing they are rich in medical benefits. One of these plants if calendula, which you may have seen growing in many gardens. The benefits of calendula affect your hair, skin and overall health.

In the Mediterranean region, this herb is called the pot-marigold, and it is considered auspicious and used to honor the Virgin Mary. Hindus also incorporate it into special events.


What is Calendula?

Calendula is an herbal plant with many medicinal values. The plant has anti-inflammatory properties which make it beneficial in treating wounds, inflammatory skin diseases and cuts. Its petals are edible and can be used in salads.

Calendula grows in Russia, where it is called Russian Penicillin.


Calendula Uses and Chemical Components

Calendula is used to treat various illnesses like rashes, eczema, allergies and dermatitis. It can also treat swelling, pain and redness caused by muscle cramps, sprains and muscle injuries. There are actually a lot of conditions the flower can treat, which is why it is a good choice if you want to treat yourself naturally.

Botanical research around marigold shows that it contains numerous active properties, such as volatile oils and antioxidants. These are responsible for the appearance and smell of the flower and its ability to repel some fungi, insects and pests. Furthermore, it is also responsible for improving blood flow and controlling inflammation.

There are many forms of marigold that you can buy, including ointments to help treat sunburns, bites, warts, acne and more. Calendula tea is beneficial in soothing any digestive-related illnesses.

Some of the chemical components present in marigold are:



-Calendic acid

-Linoleic acid



-Plant sterols or calendulin

-Oleanolic acid

-Triterpenes saponins


Benefits of Calendula or Marigold Herbs

The benefits of calendula herbs can be subdivided into three categories: skin benefits, hair benefits and general health benefits. Keep reading to learn more about each.


Calendula: Skin Benefits

Because of its rich anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, calendula helps promote fast regeneration and healing of the skin. This is why it is beneficial in treating many skin conditions.

Helps prevent acne. Calendula’s antibacterial properties help dissipate bacteria in the skin’s pores to inhibit the breakout of acne.

Treats fungal skin infections. The antifungal properties of calendula cure ringworm, athlete’s foot and other infections.

Helps prevent premature ageing. The restorative properties of calendula help hydrate and treat damaged skin, making it look much younger and suppler.

Appeases contact dermatitis. Calendula may help prevent dermatitis, which is caused by excessive exposure to radiation.

Treats wounded or irritated skin. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, the herb is a good cure for sunburns, rashes, scrapes and many more infections which irritate the skin.

Helps treat dry skin. Calendula oil is effective in treating dry skin. Furthermore, it also gives a younger-looking glow to the skin.

Calendula: Hair Benefits

Can be a natural hair dye. You can use calendula tea to highlight your hair or even turn it brunette or blonde.

Gets rid of dandruff. Calendula oil helps get rid of dandruff and repair the damaged scalp. It can also help strengthen hair.

Health Benefits of Calendula Herbs

Calendula is one of those herbs that helps treat a myriad of diseases and keeps the overall health in a good state. The following are some of the best health benefits:

Good for oral health. When you regularly gargle with calendula tea, you can treat mouth conditions like gingivitis.

Protects against cancer and arthritis. The beta-carotene in the tea helps treat cancer and arthritis

Soothes the throat. Calendula tea is good for soothing a sore throat. Furthermore, it also helps treat tonsillitis.

Fights off fever. Calendula is effective in treating fever, lowering the temperature and giving you relief.

Heals inflammation. You can use the tea to treat inflammation. You can also relieve pain and swelling if you incorporate it into your bath.


Truly, calendula herbs are oozing with a lot of benefits. Not only do they help your hair and skin, but they’ll boost your overall health. So if you want to be healthy and fit, why not try calendula?


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