Benefits of Vodka: Are They Really Beneficial For Us?

Many of us identify vodka as just one of the many alcoholic beverages that have ethanol, water, and some flavorings. The modern method of vodka preparation is mostly sugar and fruits, even though sometimes, the distillation of potatoes or the fermented grains may yield an amazing taste in the drink. Not only that, vodka also is a home for many health benefits. Furthermore, the health benefits of vodka include relief to toothaches and bad breath, reduction of stress, and improvement of the cardiovascular health.

Furthermore, since it is astringent in nature, it is beneficial in keeping the skin healthy and promote hair growth. Additionally, it also possesses antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which is beneficial for the disinfection of wounds and works as a cleaning agent.

What is Vodka?

Vodka is a popular beverage whichmainly  composes of water and ethanol. It is actually a trendy beverage that is favorite among many in bars and restaurants. It has no color and sometimes flavorless as well. Making it seamlessly well with some other drinks. This is without neutralizing and disturbing the flavor of the additional ingredient. It makes vodka one of the most preferred choices among the alcoholic beverages.

Vodka is used in the preparation of many popular cocktails like Bloody Mary, vodka tonic, and vodka martini. The term vodka actually evolved from the word voda –a Slavic word, which means water. Vodka is generally produced by the process of distillation of any plant matter that is rich in sugar or starch. This includes various grains like wheat, rye, corn and some other materials like soybeans, grapes, and potatoes.

The traditional preparation of vodka usually aimed at maintaining an alcoholic value (by volume) of 40 percent. Presently, the alcoholic content in vodka are being produced in different countries may vary depending on their standards.

Origin of Vodka

The origin of vodka actually still remains to be a topic of debates and discussion since it still lacks evidence regarding its instigation. Some of the sources advocate the initial production of vodka to begin in the country of Russia in the 9th century. However, some other advocates that it begins in the 8th century in Poland.

Centuries now, vodka has been there relatively different from what it is today. This just means that during the earlier times, vodka was originally for in the medical fields and is relatively different when it comes to its appearance, aroma, and flavor. The alcohol content that is present in vodka is just 14 percent. This is actually the maximum amount that is manageable using the process of natural fermentation.

Aside from being a hangout drink, the medical capacity of vodka, which already exists even before. Many also appreciate it now in the modern world and is now use it as medical treatments since it has a positive effect on various health conditions. Actually, some scientific research shows that the drink has a favorable effect on the metabolism when the consumption is moderate.

Nutrition Facts of Vodka

Vodka is a drink that has no sugar and carbohydrates, which is beneficial in providing very few calories. This is when you consume it neat or with no mixers that are fact-based. Furthermore, it also offers no harmful fats or cholesterols.

Health Benefits of Vodka

Here are some of the best health benefits of vodka:

Antiseptic properties. The antiseptic properties of vodka are beneficial in preventing the development of infections like animal bites. Its alcohol content helps in sterilizing the wounds. Aside from these, it also helps in treating cold sores.

Skin care and hair care. Vodka isn’t just to fulfill your cravings for alcohol and medical purposes, it can also be beneficial as a beauty aid. It gives wonderful effect on the skin and helps in cleansing and tightening the pores.

Protects cardiovascular health. Vodka is beneficial in protecting the heart against various heart conditions. This is because the drink has dilating effect on the arteries, which helps in stimulating the free flow of blood.

Relieves a toothache. Swishing small amount of vodka is beneficial in relieving toothache. Moreover, letting some vodka to be absorbed in the gums may also help in relieving pain in infected areas.

Anesthetic properties. In Russian folklore, they use vodka for practically treating ailments like a headache, common cold, and more. Furthermore, freezing a plastic bag of vodka and applying it on aches may help in numbing the pain.

Help reduce stress. Among all the alcoholic drinks that we see and order in the bar, vodka has the more relaxation effect. Research suggests that vodka is beneficial in reducing the stress factor in the body.

Word of Caution

Even though there are a lot of health benefits of vodka, excessive consumption of it may still cause some risk. Excessive consumption of vodka may lead to the faster heartbeat and some other complications. Thus, the consumption of the drink must always just be in moderation.


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