Different Facts About Sex That Mothers Don’t Tell Their Daughters


Do you ever feel that your parents already told you all the things that you must know regarding sex? If your answer is no, it’s alright –there are lots of people all over the world who are like you. Well, if you are told about some facts about sex, you are lucky enough -there are some who do not get any information about sex at all. Furthermore, there are some facts about sex that mothers don’t tell their daughter. In this article, we will discuss it –so give this article a read and learn more!

Some Facts about Sex that Mothers don’t Tell their Daughters 

Here are the top four facts about sex that mothers don’t tell their daughter. Furthermore, getting to learn these may be of a help to you in having a more pleasurable sex life.

Oral sex is fine too.

Generations ago, the oral sex was extensively considered to be something unpleasant or dirty.

There is this one professional who worked with a professor in the field of bacteriology. Additionally, he refused to process throat swabs for STIs. Moreover, this is mainly because he could not believe that people were actually doing such thing.

Probably, some facts about sex that mothers don’t tell their daughter regarding this are:

  • For many people, it is so enjoyable
  • It is beneficial to men who have difficulties in erecting
  • Oral sex is a great aid to a lot of people in reaching orgasm

If you have not attempted oral sex before, we guarantee you that is worth the try. Nonetheless, it has become apparent in the recent years that the oral sex may really pass on the human papillomavirus. Therefore, that is something that people must be well aware of.

Masturbation is not something that you should be uncomfortable about.

There’s nothing wrong with doing ‘it’ yourself.

Without  a doubt, sex experts agree that now, masturbation may be extremely beneficial in helping a woman. Most especially in:

  • Learning how to reach multiple orgasm
  • Learning how to reach climax or orgasm

Therefore, you should not hesitate, and just go for it!

It is certainly essential and healthy to enjoy masturbation if you are divorced or widowed or single. Masturbating is way much safer and reliable than having sex with a stranger. Furthermore, you may also find it essential to read some articles regarding having troubles in reaching climax, etc.

Almost all woman can cum.

Essentially, any woman must be capable of reach orgasms. Perhaps, anyone must also be capable of reach multiple orgasm if they want to.

Before, in the day of your mother, sex’s still a bit of a distasteful subject and speaking about orgasms’ way more of a taboo topic. Furthermore, even in the early 1990s, it’s extensively felt among the women at middle age that for a girl to need orgasms, was not that nice. Furthermore, for them to want numerous orgasms, as so disgraceful.

Moreover, when your mother was still young, a lot of experts suggest that numerous orgasms were practically unbearable for most women.

Nonetheless, we know that:

  • Further penetrating stimulation after the first-ever orgasm will typically produce another, and so on and so forth.
  • Practically, any woman has the capacity to reach an orgasm. Furthermore, if her own clitoris is enthused long and proficiently enough. As well as, of course, she is in the proper mood.

Bear in mind, however, we are not saying here that you may achieve all this in just one night. Nonetheless, if you kindle the clitoris for a long period of time, you might be capable of achieving as multiple orgasms as you want.

Obviously, you might also reach numerous orgasms if you have partner(s) who is keen in giving you the pleasure that you deserve.

Having an orgasm is not that easy.

For most of women, learning how to orgasm may be a bit hard to do.

Additionally, nowadays, men be apt to suggesting to women that they need to reach orgasm by themselves easily. Moreover, erotic films and romantic novels often give similar impression. Furthermore, in today’s day and time, the proliferation of pornography online has give men a lot of very strange ideas on what’s pleasurable to women.

In the real life, these kinds of activities don’t turn a lot of women that much. Furthermore, they’re most doubtful to provide her the orgasm she needs.

Moreover, one important thing to remember is that, the sexual intercourse alone is infrequently a reliable way to reaching women’s orgasm. Further, it is normal for women to choose to have orgasms right before or after a sexual intercourse. Additionally, this is by way of manual stimulation or by oral sex.

Other Facts…

Aside from the facts about sex that mothers don’t tell their daughter listed above, your mother might also have not ever told you how yearning can vary according to where you’re in on your menstrual period. Furthermore, it is depending as well on how fine you are in getting on with your own partner.

Furthermore, tiredness and stress may also have huge consequences on sex. Life is son complicated. There will always be something that may affect you, as well as your sexual performance. Moreover, if you want to learn more about this, there are many articles on the internet that you may read as well!


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