Doubling Back Your Pill: What Happens Inside The Body?


If you choose the Pill as a means for contraception, the chances are you have perhaps gone some months of intake without experiencing menstrual period. Whether this is because of a special event, holiday, or you are just not able to endure the faff that it may cause, you most probably will not be the only one who is decided to permit. Nonetheless, how does this impact the bodies? There are all kinds of assumptions out there. But most of us actually have no idea on what is the longer term repercussions may be. In this article, we are going to discuss what happens when you are doubling back your pill. Read on to learn more.

Doubling Back your Pill: What happens inside the body?

The main effects of the pill usually just last for about 24 hours. That is the reason why you need to taking it every single day, and not once in every week. For instance, because the body breaks the hormones down on the daily basis. Hence, there is no major collective effect of compelling the pill. There is no build-up of hormones after about 21days of taking the tablets.

Will Doubling Back Your Pill Affect The Fertility In A Long Run?

There is actually no evidence that will suggest that the longstanding fertility is due to the constant use of pill. In the actual fact, fertility bounces right back so quickly after the pill-free days for seven days. This is why unintentional pregnancies frequently occur after a lengthy pill-free time.

Womb Lining: What happens to it if you don’t allow having menstrual period?

The pill has two hormones, progesterone and estrogen. If you can recall to grade 9 science, you may recall that the role of the progesterone, specifically in the menstrual cycle is making the womb lining thicker.

 Therefore, if you have taken twice as numerouspills ever since your last menstrual period, you may assume that your womb would be twice as thick, which may result in a much heavier menstrual period, no? In actuality, it does not seem that much simple. This is with little evidence present to correlate the number of the consecutive pills that you take. There are some women who may also experience much heavier bleeding after a long cycle, and others may not.

Continuous Influx of Hormones

How might it affect the skin?

 Higher estrogen levels actually have a positive effect on the skin. furthermore, it is also often used in treating various conditions, like acne. The estrogen is essential in stimulating the hyalauronic acid production. This enables the skin to stay well-moisturized, soft, and smooth. In the actual fact, recent research about the effects of the extended cycle use, wherein 625 women take 4 packs of the pill in a double manner, there is a decrease in the risk of skin problems.

How might it affect the hair?

Sex hormones like the estrogen are actually popular to causing a great effect on the hair. Most especially in the promotion of the hair growth. That is the reason why in some instances, the oral contraceptive pill may also be beneficial with alopecia. Moreover, the post-menopause, women possess lower levels of estrogen. This may lead to the gradual thinning of the hair.

 Contrariwise, pregnant women have waymuch higher levels of estrogen than the normal. This often results to the hair that is stronger and thicker. In the end, it is the least that our Mother Nature can do in making up for the so many shortcomings of pregnancy. Therefore, hypothetically, a long cycle of the hormones in the pill might have a positive effect on the hair. This is even though this hasn’t been widely researched in today’s day and time.

How might it affect the weight?

 The insinuation of the pill held beingresponsible for those who put weight on is actually a contentious one. In fact,some doctors argue that women could likely put on weight gradually anyway over the past years. Even though a lot of women experience a certain increase in the weight because of the pill, it is hard as well to narrow down. Especially, whether this is unswervingly because of the pill, tributary to the effects the pill does in women’s mood. There is actually no evidence that suggests that doubling back your pill may increase the weight.

Is Doubling Back your Pill Safe?

The most important risk of taking the pill is actually the risk of developing some blood clots. This may lead to DVT or deep vein thrombosis that may break off and travel into the brain or lungs. Furthermore, this may result in pulmonary embolism or even stroke.

 There has been widespread research about the connection between the increase in the risk of blood clots and the lengthy pill cycles. A lot of studies measure the equal risk of blood clots in between the traditional 21/7-day pill cycle versus a 91 days of pill regimen actually found no change in the risk of blood clot whether you are taking the pill in a month or two cycles.


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