Facts About Clitoris: Things You Need To Know About It


Clitoris, as we know, is the main source of erotic pleasure in a female. This is what makes it very important for female sex life. The attainment of a sexual intercourse may center wholly on whether this tiny organ is stimulated or not. However, do not put so much pressure on your partner’s understanding of this particular part of the body. If do not know what it is capable of, how can they? Read on through this article and get to learn new facts about clitoris!

What is Clitoris?

The clitoris is a tiny, sensitive body organ that is located on top of the vulva. It is just above the vaginal opening and the urethra. Furthermore, the function of the clitoris is providing pleasure. A lot of women enjoy touching it or have their partners touch them. This is mainly because it may be arousing and may also provide them the orgasm they want to achieve.

The G-spot is located inside the vagina. It is in the front wall towards the body front. It also has a different texture than any other areas in the vagina. There are some women that say rubbing this spot gives them the orgasm they want. These particular orgasms may sometimes result in the ejaculation. More facts about clitoris below continue reading on!

Facts about Clitoris: Things you need to know about it      

Here are some of the most important facts about clitoris that you need to know:

A study suggests that the orgasm depends on the distance of the vagina and clitoris.

One study once suggests that the clitoris that are farther away from the vagina has a tendency of having a hard time in reaching for the orgasm or climax. On the other hand, those who have a closer distance between clitoris and their vaginal opening has much easier time in reaching the climax.

All female mammals have clitorises.

All the female mammals that live in this planet have clitoris. These include dogs, cats, walruses, moles, mice, bats, tigers, and dolphins, among others. The blue whales has the largest of all the clitorises in the world. In the actual fact, it can reach up to 3 feet long.

Clitoral unhooding.

This is a surgical operation of the lips of the vulva or the clitoral hood. This is actually a type of plastic surgery.

At the point of orgasm, clitoris gets bigger.

Just like what the penis does, the clitoris gets bigger once it reach the climax or orgasm. This is all due to the rush of the blood on that particular area.

Penis and clitoris are anatomically very similar.

Both penis and clitoris are vascular glans or structures. They feature a shaft that is protected by a hood. Furthermore, both of which are enlarged with blood when a particular person has a sexual arousal.

The penis and clitoris start out similarly in the womb.

The genital tubercle actually develops in either one or the other in between four up to nine weeks of gestation. This is even though they will not be that visible on the sonogram until the 20th week or so.

The clitoris has twice the number of nerve endings as the penis.

In its small surface area, the clitoris has about 8000 nerve endings. On the other hand, the penis only has about 4,000 nerve endings as a whole. You might have already seen this numbers a lot, yet, that is because it is very impressive. For the comparison, the finger tips only have about 2,500 receptors in every square centimeters.

Once it is inside the body, the clitoris may branch into two legs.

These are what they call crura. They go about three inches downward through the vaginal walls. Yes, you read it right; this little tiny body part has three inches legs.

The clitoris grows as you age.

The vulva and the clitoris start to enlarge when you reach the stage of puberty. Further,the clitoris keeps on growing and shifting as you grow older, specifically about hormonal changes like menopause or pregnancy.

The clitoris can range in size, varying on every woman.

A lot of people picture the clitoris as a small button or body part. However, some cases, it can be as large as a pickle. The size of the clitoris depends on every women. Not all of them has the same size of clitoris.

The majority of the clitoris is internal.

While it is usual to see the clitoris externally, about 75% of the glans may reach inside the body and goes into the pelvis. You can think of it as an amazingly prevailing iceberg.

The term clitoris’s origin is not known.

The spelling of the term clitoris actually suggests that it is from the Greek. However, beyond that, the root of it has a lot of possibilities. There are some who claims that it comes from the word kleiein, which means to sheathe. While some claim that, it comes from kleitoriazein, which means to tickle. Well, actually any of it seem to be a bit appropriate for the body part.

So there you have it, the different facts about clitoris that you might want to know!


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