Facts About Labia That You Need To Know


While the labia are with women all day -every single day, they might possibly do not know things about them. This is actually a pity –women must know the different important facts about labia –their labia. These lady lips or the folds of skin on either sides of the vagina are an essential part of the body. Well, after all, they are essential in protecting the gem of arousal –the clitoris. Give this article a read and get to learn more about this female genital body part.

Labia: What are these?

Women are born having two sets of labia. They’re on the vulva or the outer part of the genital area of a woman or the outside of vagina. We call the larger labia as the labia majora. These are skin that are filled with tissue (adipose) that is a kind of fat, which makes the skin appear more cushiony. During the stage of puberty, the pubic hair grows onto the labia majora. Furthermore, the extra padding and the hair help protect the more delicate and thinner tissues of the labia minora. This is actually a Latin term for lips, in which they are frequently known due to the way they appear.

Moreover,not all labia look similarly. Both the labia minora and labia majora may vary in shape, size, color, and the way they appear. This is in comparison to that of the other females. The inner labia or labia minora actually come in all colors, sizes, and shapes. This is what they medically call as the normal variation. The same as the other parts of the body, the labia actually become much larger during the stage of puberty. It is just normal for the labia of a woman to appear different from the labia of the members of the family.

Facts about Labia that you need to Know                

Here are some necessary facts about labia that you need to know:

The labia cushions and protects.

It helps in cushioning and protecting the important part of the female genital part –the clitoris. Furthermore, it also protects the vaginal opening and the urethra.

The labia changes when aroused.

When a woman reach arousal or orgasm, the labia may become engrossed with blood. This may cause it to look quite a bit bigger than the normal. Worry less, as it will again change to a darker red color.

Subtle changes in the labia is normal.

As a woman gets older, it is just normal to notice various subtle changes down there. The main one being that the labia shrinks after the menopausal stage because of the reduction of the estrogen hormone. However, it may look a bit slimmer in the 20s as well. This is mainly because –as you leave the puberty stage, go into your menstrual period, and then menopause, the subcutaneous fat reduces.

A cancer in the labia is possible to happen.

There is a possibility that you can get a skin cancer in the labia. If you report this condition earlier, you will be able to treat it. Nevertheless, if you don’t, it may grow into the pelvis and may cause some long-term issues. Moreover, there are a lot of skin illnesses that may affect the vulva. One is the lichen sclerosus. Nonetheless, you might be able to manage it, and in most cases, treat it with a cream you can get from your GP.

Labia Surgical Enhancements.

Though there are some women who opt for surgical enhancements for labia, some other across the world have a very few choices. The female genital mutilation is a place in which the labia are being removed and/or stitched together in order to prevent pregnancy before the marriage. This is vastly dangerous, frequently traumatic for those who are experiencing the FGM.

There are no two labia that look the same.

Each of the labia do not have the same appearance. However, there are procedures like labiaplasty that helps in reducing the size of the labia minora. As what we said earlier, the labia minora are the skin folds on either side of the vaginal opening. These are becoming more common place. There are some who consider going through a surgery to make their labia look more appealing. While some want to do it because they observe that, the labia are already causing some discomfort.

Male rather than female.

In the case of an embryo developing into a male instead of a female, the labia minora might form the penis shaft, and the labia majora might become the scrotum.

The proper anatomical names.

We already said this earlier, but we’re going to repeat it for clarification. The proper term for the various parts of the labia are labia minora or the inner lips or folds of the skin, and the labia majora or the outer lips or folds of the skin.That’s it, I hope that you got to learn a lot about the different facts about labia.


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