How To Achieve Better Orgasms With Masturbation?


Whether you are in a relationship or single, there are infinite motives to masturbate. This is in no way in connection with May, being the masturbation month. Further than the apparent advantage that it makes you feel good, masturbating actually comes with lots of important health benefits. In the actual fact, it is essential in lowering the stress levels, as well as regulate the moods. Furthermore, it also helps you in sleeping and even easing menstrual cramps. Did you know that you can also have better orgasms with masturbation? Keep on scrolling to know if this real or a hoax.

The stigma about masturbation is now lessening yet, perchance expectedly, men are still the ones who masturbate way more often than females do. In the actual fact, a comprehensive survey in 2016 suggests only 38 percent of women masturbate, in comparison to the 61 percent of men.

How to Achieve Better Orgasms with Masturbation?

Here are some ways on how to achieve better orgasms with masturbation:

  1. Make time for masturbation.

Always remember that practice makes perfect. Therefore, the more that you experiment, the more that you will learn exactly what you really like, and what gives you better orgasms with masturbation.

How often you are masturbating is wholly dependent on a particular individual, as well as their own sexual drive. There are actually some people who masturbate every day and others does it less often. Whatever you think that you need to satisfy you is the most perfect amount. Nevertheless, if the routine is beginning to get in the way of your daily life, then you might want to tone it down and chill for a bit.

  1. Think lube.

You might probably know already that lubricant is so important for any sexual experience. May you be single or not, you need it. Lubes or lubricants are essential in reducing the friction and provides a slick continuous sensations, which makes for a pleasurable session. Nonetheless, make sure that you are using a lube that is suitable for the job. For instance, water-based lube is very easy and safe to use with all the sex toys, while the silicon-based lube is greater for sex in water, since it does not wash away.

  1. Try edging.

Do you what is edging? Well, this is a method, which is used in delaying the orgasm. In the actual fact, some females find that through this, they are able to feel a more passionate orgasm.

The rudimentary notion of edging is bring one’s self to the PNR or point of no return and then you stop. You need to concentrate on breathing and let the pre-orgasmic feelings in order to wash you over. They will be able to recede and once they do, you will need to start from the beginning. A proper edging session might last for about 20 minutes. With this way, it is so important that you do not orgasm, even at the end of the session itself.

  1. Be open to the idea of using a sex toy.

The use of sex toys are actually the cherry on top when in masturbating. In the actual fact, they can do all the hard work for you, most especially for women. There are some sex toys that have different intensities and settings, which will help you in looking on what really gives you the better orgasm. Furthermore, sex toys also allow you in tailor-making the orgasm and may provide a variation of feelings each time.

Literally, there are a lot of sex toys you can choose. Well, you can start with small and then work all the way up. The thinner vibrators are impeccable for women who are fresh to sex toys. There are sex toys that has rabbit ears, which can offer dual stimulation for both the G spot and the clitoris.

  1. Study on OMGYes.

The OMGYes is actually a website that is dedicated in education females on the creation of better and more pleasurable orgasms. The website actually uses honest discussions, demonstrations, touch screen tutorials, and videos to help in teaching women the ways on how to intensify the pleasure via clitoral stimulation. Visit the website and get to learn and see what really suits your wants and desires.

  1. Get yourself in the mood.

To get yourself in the mood is one of the most important things that you can do to achieve better orgasms with masturbation. For some, this may mean having a relaxing bath, while there are some who find watching porn and reading erotic stories can help.

For a lot of women, reading erotic stories is the best way to create better orgasms. Remember, a book is way lee obvious than just watching a porn, most especially when you consider that on the mind of a female, it is more imaginative than in male, most especially when it comes to sex. A sexy book is a great way in kick-starting the creative juices and get you in the mood.


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