How To Do Shared Orgasm With Partner Better?


Are you familiar with the shared orgasm? Well, actually, this is a phenomenon in which both partners climax or orgasm together. They both reach the sexual peak experience. A shared orgasm with partner is one great thing to do, especially if you want to make your intimate time worthwhile.

Orgasm/Climax Together

Even though only few straight couples are able to manage it each time they have sex, about 89% have already achieve it at some point in their life in a settled relationship. Furthermore, there are some clear welfares to having a climax together. In the actual fact, it means that both of you can share in that particular glorious sex serenity all at once. This makes the sexual bonding way more intense. Remember, the stronger the serenity, the better the relationship in a long-term.

Research actually suggests that nearly 4 over 10couples or about 37% share orgasms at least about half the time they spend in sex. In half of the cases, a partner reaches the trigger point and then wait for the partner to catch up. This is according to a survey of 4400 people.

If you struggle in having shared orgasm with partner, below are the tips you can use in making you both orgasm together and better.

Tips on How to Do Shared Orgasm with Partner Better

Here are some tips on how to reach a shared orgasm with partner much better and pleasurable:

  1. Stimulate the G-spot.

This is actually the main way in enhancing the pleasure for a woman. One great product that you could try is a vibrator that you can wear, which can provide the stimulation for the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. Make sure that you can also wear it during a sexual intercourse.

  1. Focus on the clitoris.

Fact: there are about 12 different types of female orgasm. Furthermore, it is possible that you can have them all at once. However, the easiest and the most common to achieve is the clitoral orgasm. Masturbation may help you in working out what turns you on, as well as what helps you in achieving clitoral orgasms. Moreover, you may also use these particular experiences in order to explain to your partner the best way on how to achieve orgasm during the full sex.

  1. Slow your partner down.

Climaxing or reaching orgasm during sex is way more difficult for women than in men. Furthermore, about 75% or three-quarters of men orgasm almost each time they have full sex. This is in comparison to just about 28% in women. Moreover, about 61% of women even said that they occasionally find it hard to orgasm on whatever sexual activity they do. Additionally, men tend to orgasm much quicker than women, thus, one way to increase the chances of a shared orgasm with partner is to slow your partner down. You can achieve this by making your man wear a long ring while having sex. This love ring actually has dual purpose –slowing down what he’s doing, while of course, adding an extra stimulation for her.

  1. Lube up.

The lack of lubrication may actually be a massive barrier to reaching the orgasm. This especially applies to women. What makes the matters worse is that, the more abrasive the play may become, the lesser it will be for you to lubricate naturally. Remember, it is a spiteful circle. Getting to know that everything is slip-sliding, goof in there, means that you can relax mentally in the experience, as well as not worry about the discomfort it may bring about, or the feeling of being wet enough.

  1. Hit the right spot.

Men might help their own partner just by hitting the right sport during a sexual intercourse. The ultimate angle for a sensational sex is about 27 degrees. Further, it provides the most efficient stimulation of the G-spot. This actually sounds a bit tricky, yet one way that you can achieve this is through the use of position enhancer. This is designed in being able to support bodies comfortably, especially in the throes of passion. Moreover, the sex pillows like this is essential for you in getting into the optimal pose for the pleasure. Further, they are also able to give the support that you need in maintaining the position.

  1. Do not neglect your own pelvic floor.

For a woman, the main key to reaching orgasm or climax easily is healthy, easy kegel muscles or the pelvic floor. The more toned the pelvic floor are, the easier and quicker it is to reach orgasm. Not mentioning, the climax will also be more intense. To be able for you to keep the kegels in peak condition, you need to exercise it. Do not be so confused of the names as they all function the same way as the others. They are all efficiently weights for the vagina. Further, they also come in different weights and sizes, in order to suit the experience level.

The pelvic floor muscles will grip around the balls naturally in order to keep them inside you, thus giving them a great workout. With a regular practice and progress, you must start to notice the orgasms becoming much stronger and much easier to achieve.


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