HPV In Men: Is It Really Possible?


Even though it is typical for human papillomavirus to cause cervical cancer in women, the mere fact that it may also affect men is also something that a lot of people aren’t aware. Yes, you read it right, HPV in men is also possible to happen. Good thing, there is HPV vaccination now. Read on to this article and get to learn more about it.

HPV in Men

Human papillomavirus or HPV is a virus that may cause cancer. It is spread through a close skin-to-skin contact, frequently during a sexual activity. Based on research, at present, the virus affects about 8 over 10 people, both men and women, at some point in their lives.

Approximately all the cases of cervical cancer are in connection to the virus, yet it has links with some other cancers, which affect men as well.

The two main risks for men are genital warts –around the anus and a penile –yet also, there are quite a few cancer types, which human papillomavirus is unswervingly in connection to. These actually include the neck and head cancers, like the back of the tongue, throat, as well as tonsil cancer. It also includes anal cancer and penile cancer.

Moreover, human papillomavirus is often compared to a sexually transmitted disease and if we talk about the risk levels of it, men and women are pretty much equal.

It is so important to remember that a human papillomavirus may spread through close contact of the skin. It is not only confined to the penetrative sex. Nevertheless, I might say a short answer –all men, especially, are at much higher risk because the human papillomavirus is very common. That is the reason why we want to give vaccine to much younger boys. This is for them to get a protection before becoming sexually active.

The HPV vaccination for men has already become a norm in various countries, just like Australia. Specifically, it is where the jab has been widely available to men ever since the year 2013.

The HPV Vaccine

The HPV vaccine will exactly be the same for men as it is for women. Furthermore, it must have also been made accessible to teens of both sexes from the beginning.

It has always been referred to as something that men must have too. However, the bottom line in here is that the NHS hasn’t got any unlimited resources. Further, to roll out a practically expensive vaccine to both sexes –it might be so costly. This just means that it’s a question of prioritizing it at the moment when cervical cancer has already seemed to be the largest risk of them all.

Current research suggests that the HPV vaccination helps in the 90% fall in the virus rate. This is especially for Scottish women as it started to be administered in 2008. Further, there are hopes that the vaccination of men will also see a persistent drop in the levels of conditions in association, as well as prevent the HPV spread.

We need to see a persistent change and continuing reduction on the problems of HPV in men and women if we keep on doing the vaccination. This is because we will be treating a way much wider number of patients. I personally think that now, we can really get the grip in tackling this particular disease and we will see a real reduction in both the genital warts and cancer in the near future.

HPV Vaccination isn’t just For Teens

Even though the vaccination for human papillomavirus is just aimed for younger men and women in their early stage of puberty, there is actually no reason on why older men mustn’t benefit from it.

Older men can benefit from the vaccine. Clearly, the more sexual partners you have had, the more likely you are to have acquired HPV. Nevertheless, we now know from various research that is coming in that particular vaccines really offer quite numerous cross protection against various human papillomavirus strains. This, for me, makes it way more worth it having. Mainly because that helps in boosting the immune system, meaning, you are more likely to clear the virus yourself. This may potentially stop the development of it into something worse.


Human papillomavirus or HPV in men is all true and possible. Nevertheless, there are vaccination that are in no doubt essential for the condition. These vaccination are without a doubt, can save lives. Nevertheless, a upsettingly vocal minority has spoken against these vaccines. Even the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, claim that these vaccination may cause dangerous side effects. However, medical professionals suggest that the success rate of HPV vaccinations among the girls speak for themselves. And parents must put their trust to doctors as they know too well about it. They should not go thinking that their children will not have sex as they will, for sure. They must do their own research about the vaccines and not just believe in false reactions.


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