Peeing After Sex: Why Do You Need To Urinate After Sex?


There is a chance that you have already heard that there is always a need to pee after sex. They say it is beneficial in protecting against urinary tract infection. However, is peeing after sex really that important? Furthermore, what happens if you do not instantly pee? In this article, we are going to discuss further whether peeing after a sexual intercourse really have an impact to the health. Give this a read if you want to learn more and know the truth behind it!

Peeing and Sex

Various sexual folklore tends to say that women must obediently pee after having a sexual intercourse, especially if they want to avoid urinary tract infections. However, the basic intuition, says that we need to pee before doing the act, especially if you do not want to get distracted and uncomfortable.

However, Mother Nature calls you when she calls. Furthermore, if we were capable enough to have more control over the timing, things just like a long airplane and car trips might likely to be less troublesome, and bladder-straining experiences.

Either way, most of those who go to the bathroom before and after sex urinate in order to prevent any urinary tract infection. This result with the foreign bacteria goes into the urethra up and move towards the urinary tract up to the bladder and the kidneys.

Doing penetrative sex may potentially cause the penis to push the bacteria into the urethra, thus causing concerns. Furthermore, a particular strain of the vaginal bacteria like the Gardnerella vaginalis might produce recurring urinary tract infection by cueing the dormant Escherichia Coli from the infection past, so  that it could start multiplying again.

Do you need to pee after sex?                         

The answer is –YES, you need to urinate after sex, most especially if you are a woman. During the sexual intercourse, bacteria may travel up to the urethra, which is the tube that attaches to the bladder to the outside part of the body. In there, the bacteria may multiply and cause a kind of urinary tract infection known as cystitis that’s an inflammation on the bladder.

The cystitis is more typical in women than in men, since the passage that leads to the bladder up to the outside part of the body is way shorter in female than in male. This just means that bacteria do not need to travel too far in order to reach the bladder. Furthermore, in women, their urethra is much closer to the anus that is full of bacteria than in men.

What does peeing after sex do?

In the actual fact, peeing or urinating after doing a sexual intercourse helps in flushing the harmful bacteria away from the bladder. If you go for a wee after you have sex, it may help in stopping the bacteria from going to the bladder. Urination actually flushes the urethra in helping to wash out the bacteria that are pushed up while doing sex.

Peeing After Sex: Why do you need to urinate after sex?      

Nobody wants to feel like leaving in the bed after having sex. However, just for the sake of several intimate moments, you cannot risk your own health. Furthermore, it’s more significant for women as what we have said earlier, the urethra is much shorter and the bacteria may travel in there much faster.

Here’s a list of the main reasons on why peeing after sex is necessary:

  • Not peeing after 30 mins. of sexual intercourse may cause the risk of infections. You don’t necessarily need to jump out of the bed after doing ‘IT’. In the end, it is better to be safe than be sorry.
  • It’s mandatory for women. The urge to urinate after sex actually happens on its own. This is because of the stimulation of the G spot. Do not feel lazy at that particular time. You need to go and relieve yourself. If you don’t feel like peeing after sex, perhaps it’s because you’re hydrating well.
  • Peeing eliminates bacteria. Peeing after sex helps in dislodging the bacteria before becoming a strong infection. It also helps in keeping the urinary tract clean and free of all kinds of bacteria.
  • Reduces the risk of UTI. You need to pee after sex so that there’ll no bacteria that goes into your urinary tract. As we know, urinary tract infection may be so painful, thus urinating is beneficial for the reduction of the risk of UTI.
  • Sex may introduce bacteria into the body. When you engage yourself in a sexual intercourse, bacteria may enter the body by the penis, mouth, and finger. These bacteria don’t necessarily need to be external, it may also be some kind of fecal matter. Make sure that you change condoms when you shift to anal sex from vaginal sex.

Are women prone to UTI after sex?

The symptoms of UTI may include bloody or dark pee, the recurrent need of urinating, as well as a certain burning feeling in when you urinate. However, with antibiotics, they usually clear up in just a matter of days and don’t come back usually. However, there are some women who are unfortunate enough to suffer from frequent UTI. This is mainly due to menopause, kidney stones, or kidney stones.


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