Proof For Completely Normal Vagina: Why Women Worry About It


Have you ever felt worried whether your own bits are normal or not? You are not alone –there are many of you, who are wondering if theirs is normal too. The pictures of female genital area we often see are quite selective. This may lead to a woman questioning whether something is not right if her vulva does not match. Just recently, more and more young women come and see professionals to refer for labiaplasty. Their reason? They don’t feel that they do not measure up and they do not look like some other women. In this article, we are going to discuss the proof for completely normal vagina. Read on to learn more.

What is Labia?

Women are born having two sets of labia. They’re on the vulva or the outer part of the genital area of a woman or the outside of vagina. We call the larger labia as the labia majora. These are skin that are filled with tissue (adipose) that is a kind of fat, which makes the skin appear more cushiony. During the stage of puberty, the pubic hair grows onto the labia majora. Furthermore, the extra padding and the hair help protect the more delicate and thinner tissues of the labia minora. This is actually a Latin term for lips, in which they are frequently known due to the way they appear.

Proof for a Completely Normal Vagina: Why women worry about it?

Lots and lots of women of all ages, mostly the young ones worry too much about their labia getting too big. Furthermore, women regularly do not know what to call them. This is why they sometimes call it as flappy bits or the lips. Further, these are somewhat annoying at first, yet they’re the only reasons they did not become boys. Moreover, the labia are actually the remnants of what might have become a part of the male body.

As what I have said earlier, just recently, more and more come to clinics that say, they are worrisome about their labia. This is a bit surprising that labia have not changed. Therefore, there might be a reason that women are worrying more regarding this. This is maybe because of three things.

Three Things that Worry Women about Their Labia

Here are some of the things that worry a lot of women about their labia, and make them want to know about the proof for completely normal vagina.

° TV Makeovers

The media coverage, as well as the makeover programs give the feeling that you need to be able to adjust everything. There are so many self-analysis that goes on nowadays. There are some women who go to clinics having their labia completely fine and ordinary, and sometimes even somewhat smaller than the average.

° Not Fit-For-Purpose Pants

The fashion for the small knickers –it is not possible to imagine that a bit thing might hold anything as it should be. Therefore, more often than not, women worry unnecessarily and is due to the fact that they are wearing some kind of impractical pants.

° Barely No Hair

The fashion for having no hair in that area. Everything in this area is more revealed and actually gets more and more attention. The very process of waxing or the use of depilatory chemicals actually mean that things may get a bit more swollen. Therefore, the labia may feel a bit bigger than they should be.

Labiaplasty: Be aware of it, causing more problems.

Sometimes, for some people to see the proof for completely normal vagina, they undergo labiaplasty. Well, actually, labia can be somewhat of a nuisance sometimes. However, you need to bear in mind that if going through labiaplasty may really be essential or beneficial or will just cause some other problems.

Some labia are pigmented and crinkly. They are not just like the skin on the hand. When you accidentally cut your skin on the hand, it is so easy to repair it since the edges will be flat and it’ll heal very well. However, the labial skin habitually won’t heal so well and it will be so painful while it goes the process of healing. Therefore, having labiaplasty is not recommendable, unless the benefits of it will outweigh the possible complications. If the labia are perfectly in the normal range, I think that you should just continue with your life.

There may be some who can benefit from the surgery and have better lives. However, the huge majority of women who go to clinic and professionals with the same problem, that is not the case. If you are worrisome of your labia, you probably need to go to your GP. They’ll have the right information for you.

For me, you need to be contented of what has given to you. Regardless of what you have, you need to be thankful for it!


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